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268: I'm a lumbarback and still OK....

Back bruised … probably more comfortable without the dressing… 

But I waved aside the lumbar puncture FAQs … this is my third, after all … and now I can’t remember how long you need to keep on the dressing.   578 woorden meer


Precarity and overwork in academia

In December last year, I stopped work on all of my research projects. The following week, I compromised with myself and said no primary research (reading archival documents) or writing for the next month, only secondary source reading. 661 woorden meer

18-11 Segment 1: Studying School Shootings and Gun Violence


The recent shooting in Parkland, Florida has ignited a public debate over gun reform, but what are the real facts about gun violence in America? 360 woorden meer

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A Proposal

It’s the week before final exams, you’re rapidly typing up revision notes, Spotify is on full blast and you’re in the zone. And then, it happens. 1.036 woorden meer


Liever minder volgers!

Ik ben ervan overtuigt dat organisaties tegenwoordig niet meer succesvol zijn vanwege sterke marketingprincipes. Het gaat niet meer om het overtuigen van de doelgroep dat ze een product of dienst nodig hebben. 330 woorden meer

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21st C Skillz

What if using education to prepare students for the 21st century is actually just giving them more education?

We caught up with Endeavour last night – it was set in a 1960s private school and started me thinking about the whole ’21st Century Skills’ thing (what we should be teaching kids and how we prepare them for this new world we’ve already had nearly 20% of). 659 woorden meer


Call for Participants 2018

Dyslexia Research: Searching for participants

With your collaboration, you would help my research immensely. The goal of our research is to contribute to the development of support tools for dyslexia in English. 430 woorden meer