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Redemption and Forgiveness


Good Sunday Morning to you all out in blog land. I needed some added influence to shake my spirits and help me realize what a lucky person I am. 559 woorden meer



Terrific day it was! Not until Eddie’s neighbour decided to be a pain the ass. Mtchewww! He could have behaved better knowing I was a visitor in the compound. 352 woorden meer


The CCL Mission

The Certificate in Contemporary Living (CCL) is an innovative, two year, part-time, programme of study for people with intellectual disabilities which is delivered in a third level setting. 92 woorden meer



Her friend asked her one day

Your husband leaves you behind and goes far


He is a soldier and he fights war

Why didn’t he opted for a different job, he could… 485 woorden meer

Despising God? (December 4, 2016)

Today we’re continuing our series on fearing God, and I chose a kind of strong title for this message. “Despising God?” Often times, when we use that word “despise” in English, it comes with the idea of loathing something. 3.620 woorden meer

Old Testament

Fragile - Handle with care

​Stop treating her like a fragile object.

Yes, she might look fragile.

Like a glass;



But she can as well cut through your veins; 28 woorden meer

Writing Love

:Random 35:

The succubus has come undone.

She peers out of the eyes of her vessel and tugs at the locks of her enclosure.

but she will never live to hunt again.