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When you used believe, but now you don't know

Marriage requires a lot of patience, understanding and respect. I always hear that before. But I  never thought it’s this hard.

I’m in the verge of giving up.

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Respect must be earned, before it will be given.  It is not something you demand.

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The Christian Walk

Why Is My Generation Producing So Many Weak Men?

I remember sitting in the garage as a kid and listening to my grandfather and our next door neighbor talk about everything from their wives to work. 514 woorden meer

Intellectual Stimulation

7 Days

What a real eye opener it has been for me. Time that I have spent wasting on that site alone was phenomenal. At first when I joined Facebook in 07’ it was just another new social platform to learn and understand. 1.429 woorden meer

1 Year Ago Today - 9/28/16

September 25, 2015 A2 was officially gone. I felt free and it was amazing. A few days later, 9/28/15, I decided to make a dating profile on OK Cupid. 586 woorden meer



When having conversations with people about eating animals, both sides appreciate respect. This is true for any argument or discussion. Please respect the other’s position–try to see where they are coming from. 681 woorden meer