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The Light in You

I recently read an article where the author discussed ways to let go of negativity and anger and I have to say I loved one of her suggestions, quite simply due to its simplicity yet unassuming power. 677 woorden meer

Positive Thinking


He was a standing man of

stone. An iron gate fixed into

ground.  In his eyes was a

tempest of seriousness.

Hands calloused

from years of grappling with… 57 woorden meer

Today’s mom-in-law’

Who according to you is the exploited and distressed relation around you ?

In my opinion, the mother in law of today.

Why ?

Well.. Just imagine. 200 woorden meer

Teaching Human Values- Teacher Makes Learner Sensible

Teaching Human Values- Importance of Developing Essential Values Among Students

Teaching Human Values- Importance of Developing Essential Values Among Students
Human beings are most wonderful creature of the world.
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9 Tips on How to Communicate During a Conflict

Have you ever been so angry at someone you said something you instantly regretted? There are more constructive ways to communicate during a conflict that can effectively turn the situation around. 923 woorden meer


~Being Open about my Illness~You're Crazy~


At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely in denial. So although diagnosed, I did not even acknowledge my diagnosis for the first 4 years. 341 woorden meer

Random Ramblings: Owning It & Divination Speel

I’ve been a Daemonolatress since I was about 22 odd years old and I’ve been pretty fucking humble. I haven’t touted great powers. I have said yes, I do have magical abilities that are just in my “stars.” (Astrologically speaking, that is) I have said, yes, I do have manifestation of my work, things are going well, etcetera. 818 woorden meer