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Tolerance is not Necessarily Respect

In a discussion with a friend on the subject of tolerance in a pluralistic society, the issue of respecting the “other’s” beliefs and convictions came up. 362 woorden meer

Social Organization

Engineering a Teaching Career

Every year on Teachers’ Day, social media is filled with all these lovely messages for and about teachers. Teachers are showered with so much love, respect and admiration on this day, it makes teaching look like one of the most respected professions. 456 woorden meer


Think again.

Not everyone has been a bully or the victim of bullies, but everyone has seen bullying, and if you think that by just seeing someone bullying another or someone being bullied and standing there… 397 woorden meer


My Life Saviors: My Teachers

I am not really a people’s person. I am the kind of person who just stays in her shell and doesn’t let anyone in. I am the kind of person who keeps things to herself and drowns in the solitude that she creates for herself everyday. 165 woorden meer


Musings on my Thailand visit

The last of my Thai blogs and a time to sum up. I went to Thailand wanting to like it. My girlfriend loved the place and had told me of the really great times she had experienced there. 1.673 woorden meer

everything I ever needed to know about RESPECT, I learned from Grand... and henpecked what I liked (g2)

Grand taught me, what I believed, were two vastly contradicting concepts:

  • Respect is earned
  • Respect your elders

If you’ve heard me mention Grand before, you know already that Grand was pretty fucked up, twisted, and just downright mean, oh… and my legal guardian and the person who raised me. 612 woorden meer


Woman Power

Let it be known that a woman is God’s greatest creation of whom he made a mind of steel, a body of diamond and a heart of courage. 351 woorden meer