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My neighbor died today. Her granddaughter found her on the floor at home, apparently dead of a heart attack. Her little dog was frantic, as you might imagine, and the granddaughter is taking the pup home for now. 569 woorden meer



Where have they gone?  I see rudeness and a complete and utter lack of care for the fellow human being lately.  I still see people holding doors for others and such, but I also see people bumping into someone and when they say “Excuse me,” they are met with aggression.   732 woorden meer

Why is it called mamaandhood?

You might want to know why I choose exactly that name for this blog?

It is really simple, to be honest! I wanted it to be a strong, yet simple name, something to… 995 woorden meer


Respecting Life

Respecting Life

It’s not just don’t put an end to any life, from abortion to old age and war.
It’s a lot deeper than that, in fact, it includes doing something that makes people mad, I’m not a firm believer in more laws; because some people need the conflict to wake up to the reaction they get from their actions. 689 woorden meer

Life And Living

Virat Kohli Joins Hands With Smile Foundation For A Charitable Gala Dinner

Virat Kohli Foundation has joined hands with Smile Foundation, a national level development organization, to support the cause of empowerment of underprivileged Children and Youth. 964 woorden meer


Honor and Respect Until... | Mothers

Mothers are unique and have a special calling on their lives, and in a sense spiritually said to their future as mothers that I will have children to “have and to hold, to love and cherish, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health until… 651 woorden meer

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4 Reasons You Should Stop Trying To Change People

Sometimes ago there was this girl I met. I remember every detail of that sunday in the pub. Time passed and we carry on seing each other. 569 woorden meer