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Make Things Happen!

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is when people do not stand behind their word. As an entrepreneur, I have learned that keeping your word is essential to keep customers and employees happy. 92 woorden meer


Conscious Uncoupling: How We Said Goodbye. ~ Michelle Mann

It’s date night and there’s a mad scramble to find a last minute sitter.

Thankfully, a good friend offers to have the boys over while we go out to dinner. 908 woorden meer

Contemporary Issues | Let's Talk

Muslim Invasion in the Western World

Embedded Video:  In a train going into Germany, Muslim men — who all look like ISIS operatives — scream Allahu Akbar

A friend sent the information below to me by email. 843 woorden meer

I'm Glad I Learned - Challenge

Here’s the response to the challenge to me by StephJ from https://scalesimple.wordpress.com/

1. Being yourself is the best solution
A situation where I had to choose between being myself and being who the people around me expected me to be was when I changed school in my 8th grade. 1.065 woorden meer


Bayonet Respect

The Bayonet Golf Course in Seaside California is one of the hardest tracks on the west coast. It is fair however, with renovations many years ago and some trimming it is very playable, yet still really really hard. 361 woorden meer

A Few Thoughts on Respect, Noel Harvey

Respect is a word we do not hear a lot of anymore. Maybe the digital age has elevated us above the required skills to understand what respect should be. 374 woorden meer

Fort Smith Arkansas

One Day at a Time

It’s getting better. Slowly, ever so slowly, things are getting better.

Some fences have been mended, and I think those of us who have been able to talk and discuss real feelings are better for it. 559 woorden meer