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Offer Heartfelt Appreciation

One way we can truly make a difference in people’s lives is by offering heartfelt appreciation. Many of us say we don’t need a lot of praise. 336 woorden meer


A Modern Jewish Stand Against the Global Rise of Anti-Semitism

This is an article I wrote last summer during the Israel-Gaza conflict. I am not anti-any religion or culture. I am anti-ignorance. I hope you’ll find this thought provoking whether you agree or disagree with my views. 11 woorden meer



Our inspiration points vary, this is by Divine design. Whether it’s travel, art, literature, the magnificence of nature, music, the ambience of quiet, or other…it’s magnetism evokes an internal wellspring of life. 29 woorden meer

Spiritual & Personal Development

Organize This

Imagine your organization has no formal structure. There are no named managers or supervisors. Authority is shared and administered by peers. Teams doing the actual work of the organization make all decisions about what is important and how to pursue their goals. 900 woorden meer

Leading Organizations

The harsh truth, and cold comfort

Authors are not really great at social stuff. On top of that, we tend to be horribly insecure about our work, but it’s all we can think of to talk about. 1.070 woorden meer


Hello? Hello? Anybody there......?

For a few years, I have been telling my girlfriends  (yes we old people still call our friends who are girls, “girlfriends”), that we should consider bank robbery as a new career since no one is every looking at us or paying attention to us. 637 woorden meer

The Respect Dare, Daughters of Sarah and my new Gym buddy! 

Last year I completed a book called The Respect Dare. The 40 days of “dares” are based on research that both men and women need mutual love and respect to have a happy healthy relationship (Gottman). 393 woorden meer