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This is how You Deal with Disrespect and Gain Respect

I want to share this story because it’s important for people to hear, I feel, and it’s about people’s ability to change. It is not about me. 1.175 woorden meer


A Temple

Let’s get one thing straight. Your body is not a temple. People do not visit your body to worship God. Many in the media would have us believe that people worship your body. 518 woorden meer


Small Acts of Kindness

A small act of kindness and respect can go a long way.

A ‘good morning’ and friendly smile…

A small compliment…

Holding a door open… 162 woorden meer

Did I Hear Right?

“What was that?”

Maybe it is just me, but I hear and see it a lot.

I could attribute it to the fact that I am getting older. 958 woorden meer


Day 22 - 30 Days of Thankful

Today I am thankful for patience.

I use to think that I was an extremely patient person. I could remain calm when a child took a long time to eat.   288 woorden meer