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Young Love Part II

February – the month of love. However way you like to call it, V-day or Single Awareness Day. In my childhood, brought up with countless fairy-tale stories, I always had the perception that V-day only celebrated the union of a cute couple. 1.061 woorden meer


This is how sunsets lose their colour

Would you like me to not let go of this embrace
Because this is how couples suffocate

Keep your face as the only view
And let your beauty dull and fade… 69 woorden meer


Positive vs Destructive Leaders



Positive leadership is a function of a leader motivating, inspiring, and guiding a team to the team’s goals and objectives. Positive leadership overcomes obstacles, solves problems, and inspires the team to achieve more than they would without the leadership. 742 woorden meer


Domestic Science

Teach your boy-children
To hoover in the corners
The consequences otherwise
Are hideous, I warn you.
While radiant cleanliness
Is worked around the centre… 73 woorden meer

Sensual Sunday - Valentine's Edition

Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a Sunday this year. So, I was determined to do a Sensual Sunday post today. Here it is. Happy Valentine’s Day all of you lovers out there. 338 woorden meer


Let's Talk... A Love That Lasts

The courage to carry

“To have a love that lasts forever, is to truly understand vows and commitment” (Eversley,2016)

In all of my forty six years of life… 693 woorden meer


“Strangers don’t find faults in you, it is only the people who love you and care for you, it is they who correct you. So when they do, you are not doing them a favour by correcting yourself and becoming a better person.”

Aishwarya Singh