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I have removed all content from the Gospel Readings section until further notice.  It is not clear to me whether or not posting content from the New American Bible and/or the Daily Roman Missal is a violation of copyright.  51 woorden meer



I was going to write everyday… then I got busy. Technically I’m still busy but eh, who cares. The thing I love about this world is that everything can be art. 117 woorden meer

How Does That Spit Taste?

I’m going to start this post off with a quote from the movie Waiting…, which is a fucking hilarious and scarily accurate account of what it feels like to work food and deal with shitty customers. 1.103 woorden meer

Be Nice

Single And Over 40 And Not Suicidal About It

This tagline has given me a lot of attention, all positive. I’m a little surprised by that because every time I see it, it actually bothers me. 112 woorden meer

Current Randomness

Factions and Class

(Originally posted on FetLife April 2015)

I remember the day in the 9th grade when my English teacher was talking to us about social classes.  There were the lower or working class, the middle or *bourgeois* class, and the uppper class, which was split into old money and… 822 woorden meer


Respect for other's wishes

There may be times where something happens to someone you care about dearly and they deal with it a different way than you would. It’s always something to remember when this person is someone who is very emotional, has tendencies to over think and over react. 194 woorden meer


how sweet it is - first time tapping

o how sweet is spring!  the days have softened and our first tapping season is over.

first big thought is man, those trees are humbling.  tapping connects the person to the tree as well as the tree to a bucket.   751 woorden meer