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Robin’s are fiercely territorial, but are curious and rather bold when it comes to approaching humans. This cheeky robin was interested in the food which we were eating outside!


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews - 10/3/15

Oof! It’s another light week of comics for some reason. It’s a Fifth Wednesday, which means a lot of companies don’t really put out much to begin with. 1.601 woorden meer


Batman Doesn't Think Superman Is Cool

This was in their early careers as super heroes.

– Grayson Annual #2


Batman Annual 10 - the final attack of Hugo Strange

Batman Annual 10, by Moench, Denys Cowan and Alfredo Alacala, is a wonderful final story of the Earth-1 Batman, irrevocably marred by the cover, which reveals that the mystery villain is Hugo Strange. 311 woorden meer

Batman 398 - will Circe help cure Two-Face?

Moench and Mandrake conclude the Two-Face/Circe story in Batman 398 (Aug. 86).

While Catwoman and Batman discuss their relationship and partnership, and the effect it is having on Robin, Jason Todd falls in love – or at least into a serious crush – and begins to finally understand why Bruce and Selina are acting the way they are. 247 woorden meer