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The newest addition to Hayes Valley, Robin, isn’t quite your typical traditional Japanese joint. 939 woorden meer

San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants

'Sects Tuesday 07/25/2017

*What exciting adventure awaits our courageous caped crusaders? Who does keep lighting that Batfly signal? Are Dez and Blue okay? These and many other inane questions will be answered in the exciting next episode… possibly. ;)


Robin '66 with Paris Burns Cosplay

8Bit: Robin ’66 is an odd choice for a cosplay, I don’t think I’ve seen it at any of the conventions I’ve been to. Was there any reason you chose this character? 449 woorden meer


Photo Profile Update: Tangle – Robin

Photo of the Robin bird; A frequent visitor all year round and with plenty of photo’s in my portfolio. This one I struggled with a bit as I liked the background texture but needed to adapt the composition to it. 305 woorden meer


Street Photography Workflow

Apparently infographics and flowcharts are all the rage these day, so I thought it might be cool to produce a workflow chart to show you my street photograph process. 139 woorden meer


20 Facts About Robins

In addition to being a popular garden visitor, the Robin is most well-known for its symbolism, being one of the most popular Christmas images since the nineteenth century, and also being considered by many as a spiritual visitor. 515 woorden meer

20 Facts