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Strike review - Come for the murder, stay for the chemistry

JK Rowling’s Strike successfully lands on TV

There’s an alternate universe where Strike never made it to TV. In that parallel world, Robert Gailbraith’s detective novels were critically adored but never had a mainstream following, and thus the BBC adaption was never approved. 339 woorden meer


Review - Son of Batman

For all his high-tech gadgetry and countless millions, Batman (Jason O’Mara) forgot the one thing that was sure to guarantee him a comfortable, stress-free life: Condoms. 786 woorden meer


Chico Comics Page: What is Batman's true motivation?

Chico Comics Page: What is Batman’s true motivation?

By Michael Nunneley


Why does Batman need a Robin? I mean, I understand why he would have a heart for young orphaned boys like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. 1.408 woorden meer




This is a question that always comes up in any comic book argument. Who was the best Robin? Every person in any group of friends will have a different answer and reason why their opinion is the correct one and this perhaps is because every robin represents something different. 948 woorden meer


Super Sons 8 review

Part of the fun of this series is how, even though they’re friends and superhero partners, Superboy and Robin really don’t get along at times. They argue, they tease each other, and occasionally they’ll get into a fight. 426 woorden meer

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Workshops Robin (Top9/UKR) & Lamine (Vagabonds/FRA) @Saiffa

Break SM Helsinki elimination workshopit: Robin & Lamine @ Saiffa!

B-boy Robin (Top9 / UKR) workshop, PERJANTAINA 13 lokakuuta klo 19.00-21.00 @Saiffa
Luvassa on 2h oppitunti vailla vertaa. 253 woorden meer