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Batman 55 - the Joker franchises

The Joker decides to spread out across the 48 states that make up the US at this time, in Batman 55 (Oct/Nov 49).

The Joker sets up a school to train his franchised Jokers in this Finger, Sprang and Kaye story.  93 woorden meer

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Batman 53 - the Joker's laughing clues

After a long period of covers that reflect a story from the issue, Batman 53 (June/July 1949) has a generic one.

Schwartz and Paris churn out a pretty lame Joker story in this issue. 118 woorden meer

DC Comics

Batman 52 - Batman visits the vikings, and the Joker's happy victims

There’s a sportier version of the Jokermobile on the cover of Batman 52 (April/May1949).

Carter Nichols is back for another time travelling adventure, by Kane and Paris. 263 woorden meer

DC Comics

Batman 50 - Vicki Vale takes the Joker's picture, and Harvey Dent's nightmare

Two-Face returns in Batman 50 (Dec/Jan 49/50).

Vicki Vale is back in a story illustrated by Schwartz and Paris.  Thankfully, this story does not play the previous proving-Bruce-is-Batman plot. 274 woorden meer

Batman 49 - Vicki Vale and the Mad Hatter debut, and the Arabian forerunner of the Joker

Despite the proclamation on the cover of Batman 49 (Oct/Nov 49), the Joker does not actually appear in this issue.

A new villain and a new romantic interest are introduced in the second story in the issue, by Finger, Schwartz and Paris. 332 woorden meer

Batman 48 - the Penguin's birdless crimes, and a bad guy in the Batcave

Batman probably should have removed the Wayne Manor tag from the diagram before showing the Batcave map to a group of schoolkids on the cover of Batman 48 (Aug/Sept 48). 298 woorden meer

Batman 47 - Catwoman in fashion, and Batman finds his parents' killer

Batman’s origin gets retold, and the murderer of his parents gets identified in Batman 47 (June/July 1948).

The issue opens as Catwoman escapes from prison and adopts a new identity in this story by Finger, Lew Schwartz and Charles Paris. 269 woorden meer

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