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My Internship at Xport: Fun & Learning Outside of my Comfort Zone

Six weeks passed quickly. A fun, informative experience is sadly coming to an end. As a guy, who had no experience of sales and marketing at all, I was worried that I would not match the requirements of the role, during this internship. 309 woorden meer


Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy)

I’ve been a bit distracted lately, mainly due to raiding in World of Warcraft and a few really engaging television series. But I did manage to polish off the first trilogy in Robin Hobb’s epic Six Duchies world, known as the Farseer Trilogy. 439 woorden meer


My First Crochetdermy Piece: Robin 

Robin Scene in a Bell Jar is the first piece to go into the Crochetdermy Store. This little guy went through some 12 edits to get him just right and hopefully you’ll agree! 84 woorden meer


Young Justice: The Breakdown

We all know about the heavy hitters when it comes to DC’s comic books. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so on. Their stories have been told, and retold hundreds of times by now, since their creation. 879 woorden meer


The Lego Batman Movie: Review

The Brick Knight

One of the standout characters from The Lego Movie was Batman. It was evident that sooner or later audiences would get their own tale based on the bricked vigilante. 401 woorden meer


On Legos and Batman

After two weeks as the reigning box office champ, it’s not outside of the realm of believability to call The Lego Batman movie a sizeable hit.  589 woorden meer

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