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Chapter Forty-Six: "I want him to be murdered by someone he loves"

For the first seven months that Robin lived with Joey, he hadn’t seen Joey invite a single person over to their apartment. It had always struck him as odd given that Joey was such a social person. 1.922 woorden meer


The 'Suicide Squad' Director Responds To That Crazy Robin And The Joker Theory

One of the most popular (and therefore, most insane) theories to come out of the otherwise drab Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was: What if the Joker didn’t kill Robin, but he actually is the former Robin turned into the Joker? 186 woorden meer


Plug-In: GetMoMuffins

Who are they?

Robin Stanton should be called the Muffin Woman for coming up with these lovely creations of hers. Her variations of muffins are definitely worth a try especially if you want a muffin with flavor. 270 woorden meer


ROBIN 146/365

This is the other place my soul rests (at least in the summer). It’s also the reason my housework and other chores are often undone.


ROBIN 144/365

Happy Friday! Remember, "It’s the way you ride the trail that counts."