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Momo-shu, the Japanese peach liquor (recipe)

Momo-shu (桃酒), 何これ ?

“Momo/桃” literally means “peach” and “shu/酒” stands for “alcohol”. So “Momo-shu” is basically Peach alcohol.

The original drink has nothing to do with peach, it is rather made with plums ! 563 woorden meer



So very birthday-worthy. This definitely should happen again. Soon. 😂


My Story Hitotsume - Tasting

Today is a bit of a departure–a really big one, actually. This sake is all the way from Sapporo, Hokkaido! I know this blog is dedicated to Yamaguchi and the surrounding areas, but when I saw this on offer from a shop I follow on Instagram, I just had to try. 249 woorden meer


Yatsushika Ginjo - Tasting

This sake from Yatsushika Shuzo is a rarity for me on two counts. First, it’s my first sake from Oita prefecture in Kyushu. I’ve visited Oita many times, but oddly never picked up a brew there. 130 woorden meer


400 for Sake

In Japanese, the word for sake is  also pronounced shu and can refer to any type of drink that contains alcohol. The beverage that is the topic of this article and called in English “Sake” is 日本酒 or nihonshu… 375 woorden meer


Ikuyamakawa Jizake - Tasting

This junmai “kounodou” sake comes from small, traditional Kinfundo Shuzo in Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi. I picked it up in preparation for their open house event later this month, so I’d have an idea what to expect. 358 woorden meer