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Typical Japanese Style Izakaya in Azabu Juban

If you visit Japan for the first time, I recommend to try an authentic izakaya(居酒屋) style restaurant. Izakaya is the most typical Japanese gastropub, the menu of which is full of Japanese food culture. 184 woorden meer


Bishu-no-Sekkei (28BY)

My most favorite sake is this!

The baumkuchen made in sake brewery.

■Japanese Sake Yuki-no-Bosha http://www.yukinobousha.jp/english/index.htm

Junmaidaiginjo tane-koji

We wanted to see what would happen if we tried to make this small portion of a very large batch of koji made from extremely polished rice (78% of the bran and outer layer removed) which is 1% more than the absolutely brilliant Dassai 23. 44 woorden meer


Jinzu, Scotland

Profile: Floral, Sweet.

Taste: Honey suckle, rose petal, lemon curd.

Recommended Garnish: Rose petal, lemon rind.

Beautiful and delicate, like the Japanese Cherry Blossom used to make it. 20 woorden meer


For Sakes sake . . .

Another of my Japanese obsessions is the beautifully ornate Sake barrels often found displayed close to shrines.

There is a particularly impressive Sake barrel display close to the entrance of Meiji Jingu Shrine in Shibuyu. 231 woorden meer

Takara Sake Tasting @ Hedonism Wines!!! (3rd March 2017)

More than one and a half centuries of challenge!!!

Takara has great experience in producing Shochu, Mirin and Sake for more than one-and-a-half centuries, applying traditional sake-making craftsmanship and modern technology to produce a Sake worthy of the Takara mark. 160 woorden meer