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Japanese Fried Chicken

There is one Japanese place in Barcelona where the deep fried chicken is just amazing. The question was always: What is in there? What do they do that it tastes so good? 93 woorden meer


summer dill + snap pea shim | tips on growing dill

This is my favorite time of year. I guess I’ve said that about early September, when the aspens are starting to change, and I’ve definitely made mention that late March is a beautiful time of spring, when the first purple crocuses pop up in my front yard. 1.562 woorden meer


Nihonshū Overpour: How to drink when your cup runneth over

If you’ve enjoyed Japanese sake in Japan, chances are you’ve been served at least once in the way shown above: poured until it overflows glass and spills into something strategically placed below. 216 woorden meer

Alice Gordenker

JP: Sake concierge "Gonomee"

There are so many types of sake now. In summer season, chilled sparkling Sake is my most favourite one as a starter. My overseas friends land Japan and bought sake randomly at kiosk, which raises the possibility to bring them a bad SAKE experience. 38 woorden meer