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Sake & Comfort Food | Lessons in Japan’s Spirit in Ginza

If you were to travel somewhere, lets say a new country or anywhere you’ve never visited before, and just confine yourself to eating the food and drinking the beverages you’re used to and not trying anything new, you’re an asshole who just missed out on a major part of this place’s culture, one of the things that can shed light on the place you’re visiting and help you understand it better. 1.447 woorden meer

Food & Drink

Momi Nonmi

I’m on my way to a food trip, so I guess I need to try to cover my backlog…

Momi Nonmi is a very recent addition to Inman Square, but it is already becoming very popular. 303 woorden meer

Tokyo: 1 day around Harajuku Station

Meiji Shrine

Right around the corner of Harajuku Station Exit you can find Meiji Shrine, now under rennovation untill 2019, but still worth for a stroll around the calm grounds. 63 woorden meer


Jo Guzari...

Jo Guzari Na Ja Sake Ham Se

Ham Ne Wo Zindagi Guzari Hai…


Grass is greener

To set the scene for this post, I’m currently sat at home on a Saturday night eating Nutella out of a jar.

I’m in the midst of culture shock, predictably, and have been spending more evenings than I would like to admit crying over episodes of Educating Greater Manchester whilst drinking red wine, eating cheese and wanting to go home. 904 woorden meer


10-Year-Old Girl Is World’s Youngest Sake Expert

Akane Niikura, 10, has passed the Sake Institute of Japan’s expert test even though she’s 10 years too young to even taste the traditional rice wine. 36 woorden meer