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chapter 32: the final countdown

seriously, now less than a week left here in bilbao…it’s crazy. thanks for reading up to this point!! :D


so, last night i realized the magnitude of the things i did during the weekend. 2.213 woorden meer

What being a good student means to me - short post -

Being good at school/getting high grades doesn’t necessarily equate being innately smart, sometimes it’s about staying up late to do your homework or project even though you’re extremely exhausted, it’s about acknowledging the importance of education and persevering to reach a goal that goes beyond obtaining a high mark on a piece of paper, that of being a person with integrity and of good morals and that of researching some kind of purpose in this lifetime.

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The Prince

Recently, Ely over at She Gives No Fox shared the story of how she came to love writing at a young age. Her story jogged my memory and reminded me that my own story of learning to love writing was somewhat similar. 616 woorden meer


FlipGrid Semester Review Project

It’s almost the end of semester, thank goodness! We ended up without enough time to complete another unit in Algebra 2, so I assigned students a project to help review the semester’s content before their exam. 277 woorden meer


Junior high was like

new at being a teenager
at a school
I won’t remember
and had little significance in
the rest of my life

I recall only… 127 woorden meer


The Joy of School Trips!

Take ten seconds or so to think back to your school days…

I can guarantee that almost all of you will have thought of something done during your school days which was out of the ordinary. 603 woorden meer

Studying Tips

Happy Sunday! For me, Sundays are my day to catch up on studying, homework, and unwind. Here are a couple of tips I use to study effecively! 200 woorden meer