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The last collage of the jugendstil (Art Nouveau)

So this is the last collage of the art nouveau project.

I am not sure if this really is a jugend building, but from the information I got on the internet it is build in that time, so I just think this building is a part of that style. 53 woorden meer


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Hello there Tomas!

My name is Jesper and I’m the Lead Designer and Sound for Group Z. You clearly explain what has been done during the last playtest and showing a graph of what players thought of your game helps a lot. 134 woorden meer


we can all do just one thing

No matter your personal stance on gun ownership and the second amendment, we can agree that the status quo isn’t working out, right? We’ve tried doing nothing. 103 woorden meer


Birdy Animal, another quickquirk poem

I saw an animal in my house…

I think it’s a bird

It has two wings you can see

Above its head

It can fly for sure… 45 woorden meer

Tonny: “My happiest day was a day of football at school”

Tonny is 9 years old and lives in Uganda, in East Africa.

His happiest day was a day of football at school. His team played and they won a trophy. 90 woorden meer