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… And One More AI Imaging Terminal Per Floor…

Alternate Universe

The Book of Gideon: Empire - 4



Gideon Dreamed a second time.

He was on a scorched field, the smell of burned ozone and hair hung in the air. The land was overcast by an unnatural low hanging cloud bank of grey and black, a battle had come and gone. 7.541 woorden meer

Doctor Who S11Ep3, Rosa: A Review.

Another week means another trip through space and time with our favourite Time-lady and her merry banned of Yorkshire-bound companions. This week, The team’s efforts to get back to modern day Sheffield have been complicated further by the refurbished TARDIS’ new displays and its/her desire to take the Doctor on a  457 woorden meer


Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Recap


Captain Kirk is back, Jack! This time Kirk and his crew are called off shore leave to investigate an uprising in a Federation neutral zone. 2.008 woorden meer


Contact (1997, dir. Robert Zemeckis)

A young astrophysicist decodes a signal from an alien intelligence. Good-hearted SF thriller from the Carl Sagan novel held together by fine performances and a positive outlook on space.

Eamonn's Reviews

Hi peeps! We have T.J. Land stopping by today with her new release Spare Parts, we have a great excerpt and a fantastic $10 NineStar GC giveaway so check out the post and enter the giveaway!

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#A Star is Born#

A star is born in the form of the Science Fiction novel, The Trail in the Woods.  Free Kindle copies are being given away as fast as I can hand them out in order to help this star shine even brighter.  248 woorden meer