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Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending’s lead actor, Channing Tatum, has been quoted as saying that this movie defies description…or words to that effect. Sorry Channing, but this is squarely a sci-fi flick in the tradition of Star Wars, Star Trek et al. 567 woorden meer

Film Review

Light Posting and Thin on the Ground.

Yes, I know you’ve noticed – The reason is that I’m trying very hard to get my third book finished, which is important to me. 72 woorden meer


Science Fiction settings - Worldbuilding - Economics of your solar system

This ties into my other post,  Science Fiction settings – building the universe, solar system, planethttps://wordpress.com/post/85164632/12

Pyramid of Needs

One thing you rarely see, or perhaps you may only see a little bit of it, is the economics of a star system. 1.507 woorden meer

Guts Of Writing

Cavaria: The Great Disaster- Chapter 8: The river crossing

The golden wheat from the farms opposite the river contrasted with the light green fields before. Since the group of fresh battalions had travelled out of their bases it was the same story: green grass, golden fields of wheat and on the horizon dense forests, surprisingly green for autumn. 5.384 woorden meer


Raptor, 4

He crept farther in, and the water was even deeper. He heard shouts. They were running straight to the stream. He could still see it, and he knew he couldn’t get deep enough into the pipe in time. 701 woorden meer

Earth Prime.1

Have you ever had such a long and detailed story to tell that you can’t figure out where to start other than the beginning? Well that’s where I’ll be starting, as close to the beginning as I can remember; my birth. 329 woorden meer