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Translucid Dragonfire Station Book 1 By Zen Di Pietro

Translucid is an easy to read sci fi adventure featuring a strong female protagonist. Although yes, this character has a wife, the romance is non-existent here with the focus being on the mystery of whether our heroine was in an accident or was the target of an assassination. 277 woorden meer

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Cinder | bk1 | The Lunar Chronicles

When I was about to buy the second book of the slated series (fractured), I saw the The Lunar Chronicles and thought maybe I could read this series because I heard a lot of stunning reviews about so I bought only the first book for starters. 443 woorden meer


The Beginning of Something

Hello everyone who stumbles upon this! I’m Emerson, and I tend to write. A lot.

It’s something that a lot of people do, but I have always imagined that this would become something that would make it into physical form. 206 woorden meer


Book Update - Purgatory

I had hoped to write about this book before now, but the past few weeks have been a little crazy on the work front. The truth is that I haven’t had much extra time to even read all that much. 283 woorden meer


Bad Robot Teases Tarkin

   The cool patch offer aside… the fact that they have an incredible bust of Grand Moff Tarkin is a huge teaser! What can this mean for Rogue One or even Episode 8? 28 woorden meer

Star Wars

Porthole (8): A Few Steps Behind

From the depths of her spud inundated crate, Eliza could hear a faint grumbling pass by followed by a set of little, clacking talons on the cobblestones. 425 woorden meer