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Girls und Panzer, Anime tv series (2012)

Have you ever found yourself wanting to write a post, but you just don’t quite know where to start? This is one of them. I always like to start my reviews with an introduction that in some way relates to whatever I am reviewing, but this one……I really am at a loss for words. 1.246 woorden meer


Colossal (Film)

I rented this movie for two reasons: one – the plot intrigued me; and two – hubby has a massive thing for Anne Hathaway so I knew there would be no debate over what we’d be watching this Saturday night. 368 woorden meer

The Soulweaver, Heidi Catherine

The Soulweaver, Heidi Catherine

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I love stories that are a little “different” and was intrigued by this one. I really wanted to love it but….like was the best I could describe the way I felt. 172 woorden meer


Tamyrh Quarterly - Issue 2

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“Tamyrh Quarterly” Issue 2 will be released this coming week.


End Of The World

You would think knowing what I know that I’d try to do something about it. The world is ending in less than 180 days and after years of being treated like a crazy person trying to decipher this ancient language, I’ll let the world burn out of spite. 516 woorden meer


9 January 2018: Jinian Footseer by Sheri S. Tepper

Where I got it: Originally part of my husband’s book collection; now I consider all our books to be mine :) It’s one of a long and complicated series, and I definitely suggest starting at the beginning if possible with… 1.241 woorden meer


Spaceman Ross - Origin Story - 2

It was a chilly overcast autumn morning outside of Estelle “Stella” Bronski’s high-rise luxury condo in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Inside, encapsulated behind her impenetrable floor to ceiling windows from the 38th floor she peered down at the muted, bustling metropolis far beneath her. 832 woorden meer

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