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OTR: The Parade

X Minus One (and of course Jimmy Buchanchan) bring you The Parade, a chilling story about Martian invasion. Or do you find it just wonky? Tell me what you think.

Amber Zone: Lock Box (Part 1) - Pirates and Ninja

Game Date: 23 March 1985
Game System: Traveller
Game Dates: 004-1107 to 031-1107 ISY

Narrative of stay on Macandus and start of Amber Zone: Lock Box… 535 woorden meer

Role Playing

[Independent Film Series] screening: Moon

As part of March’s , the Princeton Film Society screened Moon (dir. Duncan Jones) on 13th March at McCormick.

Moon tells the story of Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), an astronaut who has been in space for three years in isolation. 200 woorden meer


Prelude: Reconnaissance Duty


‘Are you sure this is the right place?’ a firm, but uncertain voice enquired, emanating from behind a small shrubbery at the front of a general hospital. 2.238 woorden meer


Toxin (1.5/10)

Toxin is a drama, sci-fi, horror (though it really isn’t scary so scratch that) starring Danny Glover, Vinnie Jones, Taylor Handley, and Beverley Mitchell.

Dr. Locke (Danny Glover) is a scientist recruited to develop a vaccine for a deadly toxin, just to find that Dean (Taylor Handley) and his group of friends stand in the way of his plans. 280 woorden meer

South Africa

SciFi Saturday Movie: The Final Countdown

A double-hit.  Lots of Navy stuff (I came very close to signing up for their Nuclear Engineering program!) and time travel too.  From 1980.