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Book Reviews: Erotic-tock

“Wow! Where did you learn to kiss like that?”
“Marine Corps.”

A vampire hunter is captured by his prey, but rather than killing him they turn him into one of them. 770 woorden meer


22 Words

One unedited sentence from the upcoming Part Forty of You Will Find Your Way

Dallas blinks, blinks again, but Giselle is still facing her with that expectant look like she should know what she’s talking about. 46 woorden meer


Dr Who - Smile

Another week, another episode of the time travelling Time Lord and his companion. Smile continues the tone from the previous episode, where by the audience are being slowly integrated (back) into the world of the Doctor. 200 woorden meer


Why Rogue One Has Made The Force Awakens More Enjoyable

It’s been three wee since Rogue One came out on Blu-Ray and in that time I have been able to watch the outstanding anthology film as many times as I please. 599 woorden meer


Greg Bear

‘Made of Words’

Pieced Work Sample – Greg Bear


Film Review: Yongary, Monster From the Deep (1967)

Also known as: Taekoesu Yonggary (South Korea)
Release Date: August 13th, 1967 (South Korea)
Directed by: Kim Ki-duk
Written by: Kim Ki-duk, Seo Yun-sung
Music by: 393 woorden meer


I think I want to Dye (Fiber. Naturally.)...

I would describe my recent obsession as starting with an epiphany, but that wouldn’t be quite correct. It more snuck up behind me, tapping my shoulder and peeking around doors and corners (especially as I learned to spin from some fabulous hand-dyed roving) until one day I smacked my forehead and wondered why I had never thought such an obvious thought before. 353 woorden meer

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