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000. Crawl

He swished water around in his mouth and spat it out into the gutter, and then he went back into the bar. Bar D was somewhere he liked to hang out on occasion, and The Burn Outs Bar was likewise a regular haunt. 497 woorden meer



The second book in C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy, Perelandra chronicles Edwin Ransom’s journey to Venus, a.k.a. Perelandra. Ransom settled back into life in Cambridge after his trip to Mars. 299 woorden meer


Halo: Return to Sender - Took You Long Enough

CHAPTER 4: Took You Long Enough

2144 Hours, October 28, 2558 (Military Calendar)\

Sangheili  Homeworld Sanghelios, Urs System

Nuusra, Sword of Sanghelios Base of Operations… 2.322 woorden meer

Short Story

Real Talk About Imagination

Real Talk. I am not actually a dragon. I wish I was one. But I’m just a human lady person who is impossibly angry. I am not actually… 645 woorden meer


Halloween Round Up

Greetings, Boils and Ghouls. Or should I say, Scabies and Mental men?

Seasons Creepings, etc etc.

This post is for short cuts, so I’ll get right to it. 44 woorden meer


Tuesday Teaser is a “bookish meme,” first started by The Purple Booker. Many of my blogging friends now post their own, and we all enjoy reading each other’s posts. 184 woorden meer

Origin of species 2.0

13th Oct, 2023

GMT: 22:25 Hrs

The calm that presided over the small village nestled in a valley somewhere in northern China now seemed like a hopeful dream from distant past. 1.288 woorden meer

Short Story