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tbt: Kurzick Allegiance

Hey there everyone. As much as I’ve been enjoying playing my new GW1 characters, Arrika and Mohrannu, I felt the need to play around with good old Lady Four Moons today. 573 woorden meer

Guild Wars 2

Landroval fun times

Logged into Lotro tonight and went to Landroval just because I hadn’t logged into those toons in a long time. Randomly stumbled upon a RP concert in Micheal Delving and ended up hanging out for about an hour. 89 woorden meer



People here seem friendly!

Hello, fellow… whatever you are!

Style? Yes! Stats? Not quite.

About to go down!

Some screens from my first hours in Bloodborne. So much death!


Xenoblade Chronicles X - Japanese Battle Screenshots

They’re now using a female avatar under the same クロス (“Cross,” X) name as the previous male avatar.

Source: Xenoblade X.

At NintendObserver, the comment section is on… 44 woorden meer

Wii U