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Farming Simulator 2017 - A pig's butt


I’ve spent a little time with a fancy new Farming Simulator 2017. It started with a positive vibe but, as expected, it quickly resulted in a lot of busywork with any sort of meaningful reward being too far out of reach for me to care. 250 woorden meer


Ruby don't scare me!

How is it already halfway through November? Where did the year go?! I can’t answer those questions for either of us, but I can at least tell you what I’ve been up to in the game dev department. 1.005 woorden meer

RPG Maker


Screenshots of a website for desktops, tablets and mobile devices at the same time

Enter the URL, wait for the “magic” to happen (it takes 5-10 seconds) and then grab your images.

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[Screenshots] Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

It’s that time in an expansion when I spend my time doing things like finishing old legendaries, and this week I finished up Dragonwrath! (Thanks to some help from… 67 woorden meer

Night Elf

So Much For The News Aggregator Website Status.

One misreported story about Donald Trump Jr., and the rest are vapid nothings. Nice work, Charles. You’re a mover and a shaker.

Little Green Footballs