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Review: Smashing The Battle (PC)

Smashing the Battle is a deceptively challenging action game sure to test fans of the beat-em-up genre, though some may be discouraged by its repetitive nature. 1.144 woorden meer


Legion Beta Picture Dump 2 - Val'Sharah & Stormheim

It took me longer than it should have to hit 110, but I’ve been taking my time. And, of course, screenshots. What’s a vacation without pictures? 230 woorden meer

World Of Warcraft


The video game adaptation of comic LASTMAN is a fun chaotic experience, but does very little to create new fans of the franchise. 995 woorden meer


Live from the Squid Research Lab – May 16, 2016

As expected, pretty much all the Splatfest Top 100 were Japanese. 

Congrats to Team Fancy Party (AKA Black Tie in Europe)! Check out your global Splatfest Power Top 100 as well!

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