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Twi'lek Tuesday: Priorities

„Inun, there’s a call on the com. “

The Twi’lek, half way out of the room already, turns around, face all screwed up.

“Not now… 382 woorden meer


Look Development: Mockup

Finally the visual design is coming together. This is the look for the city: dark, misty and neon lit.  It fits with the time mechanic and should unify all the city environments. 57 woorden meer

Concept Art

Z and Cinder's blog challenge - (Top 5!) favourite Legion screenshots

My lovely friend Zeirah and I are challenging each other with a weekly blog post. We choose a topic and both write about. This week’s topic is all about our favourite Legion screenshots.  905 woorden meer

Scum & Villainy

… by which I obviously mean us, what with our tendencies for trespassing and murdering a whole lot of people we’ve never even seen before. 105 woorden meer


Ahhhh… still rocking the “dark side” of Cylla.
Back with HEC (everything all good again and all problems fixed for the most part).
I’m pretty much back down to only one problem now, one that can’t seem to be fixed…oh well.. 41 woorden meer