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Facebook Messenger to add self-destructing messages

(Source: www.androidauthority.com)

It looks like Facebook Messenger will soon add a self-destructing message feature, according to new screenshots. The information appeared on Twitter, showing details of disappearing messages in Facebook Messenger v68.0 for iOS. 268 woorden meer


Ace Attorney 6 - Japanese Apollo Justice Bracelet Screenshots

They’re really setting the game to be a compilation of all of the franchise’s features.

Source: 4Gamer.

At NintendObserver, the comments are switching to… 51 woorden meer

Nintendo 3DS

Bravely Second - Worldwide Release Commemorative Wallpapers

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Sukuea Enikkusu-san. 

North America (featuring Tiz and Agnès)

Europe (featuring Magnolia)

Korea (featuring Edea)

Australia (featuring Yew, Janne, and Nikolai)

Source: Nintendo… 55 woorden meer

Nintendo 3DS

Live from the Squid Research Lab - April 25, 2016

Marie’s latest victory and this latest’s Splatfest’s Top 100. 

Congrats to Team Patrick! Time to celebrate your victory! (Please remember that mayonnaise is not an instrument.) …

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Wii U

Ye Gods! - Screenshots for the Hearthstone Player

April 2016 was a big month in the Hearthstone world. The pent-up anticipation for a new expansion, sparked by street murals of all things, resulted in the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. 248 woorden meer



o7 Pilots!

Don’t quite know what I will do with this website. I created it to be a place for me to share screenshots and stories so for now we’ll keep with that theme. 8 woorden meer


Chambara Environment Screenshots

It it me that on Google Images, quite a lot of Chambara screenshots used to come from our personal websites! The new Chambara website doesn’t have a place for screenshots right now, so I’m leaving some wonderful environmental screenshots for y’all to look at here! 26 woorden meer

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