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Surface vs. ioan! <3

Hello peeps,

so I finally caved in and bought me a tablet pc. I’ve been eyeing them forever and always wanted one with which I will be able to draw on the go. 192 woorden meer


How to Capture Screenshots in Google Chrome without using Extensions

What some mayn’t know is that is the only newer versions of Google Chrome have a built-in screenshot capabilities are allowing to perform screen captures without using any type of extensions. 438 woorden meer


Gallery: Here's Some New Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Screenshots

The Amazon Japan page for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild recently added more screenshots. In fact, there’s 13 in total. We’ve included all of them in a gallery to check out down below, along with a map of Hyrule that came from the Japanese collector’s edition.



Awesome Atronach

Heads up but if you’re not a Dovahkiin, this little glitch may not interest you too much. I recently got back into Skyrim and this time started a new character focused on conjuration and heavy armor. 164 woorden meer