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uncertainty has been clouding the air in my life for nine months, preventing me from seeing clearly, from seeing  the path i’m to travel down. within the next two days, the smog should clear, and i should see the light. 197 woorden meer


Face-First into a Rose Bush

Roses are nice but not worth slowing down for.

Scott McBotanist

Stop and smell the roses. Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Everyone tells me that I move too fast whether they’re using the colloquialism or not, but they’re always saying the same thing.

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Birds soar

Birds soar against the wind
Retelling myths
Once believed


Death is my lover

He teases me every night

when I close my eyes and sleep

I let myself cheat on him

with life – who fucks me all the time

(17 Dec 17)


All this is in the past

that’s again the present

and even before your lips divorced

you have already abandoned me

in agony, awaiting your return

(17 Dec 17)