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Red velvet couch

Meeting him was not something that I figured along my quest of finding home. Meeting him was like waking up in the morning. It was like pressing my coffee machine, only to find out it was yet unplugged. 274 woorden meer

Short story 0.1

This story did not go the way I had originally intended. But I’ll see what you all think of it. I may edit it later on but for now I think I’m alright with it. 1.893 woorden meer


A folk philosophy.

We are all here basking in the sun that nourishes the good and the wicked. We all stumble in the same darkness in which some fear and others revel. 233 woorden meer


Legs for Days

“No one over the age of 40 should wear a mini-skirt,” self-proclaimed fashionistas mock me through their blogs, “Unless you want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.” 756 woorden meer

Random Musings


” In silentio, o Domine, oro te audire mea clamat ” I sobbed as I wrote on my windowsill.

When I was growing up, my only concern was why I never had any friends. 901 woorden meer

Creepy Stories