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sem/SNIP/ester (Poem)

Hey mina-saaaan!! How are you guys? The semester is just about done, so I felt inspired to write a poem about it. It’s about how a semester seems long, but it’s over as quick as it came. 135 woorden meer


Re: Her

I saw her. All of her, all of the time.

She rained perfectly upon the ‘just’ and ‘unjust’. Deep down, I saw a strong, opinionated, structured woman with so much more to offer. 100 woorden meer

Clara and the Nutcracker: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Mice at Midnight

Finally, all was quiet. The guests were gone, and Clara found herself sitting exhausted on a loveseat in the far corner of the ballroom. 1.547 woorden meer


Today's Baffling Distraction In A Rankin/Bass Animation

Sorry, it’s the time of year I can’t do anything because I’m busy watching Rankin/Bass animated specials again. Today’s distraction: noticing in The Year Without A Santa Claus… 124 woorden meer



“Who are you?” I asked her, in the wake of the vision.

“I am an acolyte of Njörðr,” she explained. “The last of my kind.” 32 woorden meer