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Best Laid Plans

She sat at the bar in the Flagon talking with Vekel about a job she had just done for Delvin, adjusting the figures in the ledger at the trader’s shop in Riverwood. 2.540 woorden meer

Creative Writing

Meta Monday: Lost Weekend

I had four days off this past weekend. Four days!  And no particular responsibilities. That should equal lots of writing, right? Nope. I think I wrote a grand total of about 400 words–and that’s counting this post. 159 woorden meer

Creative Writing

How to waste an entire weekend and figure out something about yourself: Skyrim

Last weekend I was alone at home and I did not feel social at all. As impossible as it may sound Netflix has nothing on that interests me at the moment so I decided to install Steam and purchase a now classic, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. 347 woorden meer


Why Skyrim is the Worst (And the Best)

Skyrim is an odd game. It was hyped like crazy, lived up to a lot of the hype, but then suffered a serious backlash against its popularity. 596 woorden meer


The Mature Gamer

Like Siks post on parenthood a while back, I too have encountered some difficulty in getting to play all of my games. It comes with the territory. 631 woorden meer


The Skyrim Speedway: Part 7

Previously on this thing: The retired High King Of Skyrim, Dragonborn and delinquent Harbinger of the Companions Orc Orcersson became a war hero for his brave actions at the Battle Of Whiterun. 595 woorden meer


'Fallout 4' and 'Skyrim' Still Have Millions Of Users But VR Is Going To Bring Back More

Skyrim is a game that many of us have a hard time leaving behind. Even six years later, the sweeping soundtrack still rings in the heads of millions of gamers as they go about their days, wishing they could use a Dragon Shout to clear traffic lanes to speed up the commute home. 457 woorden meer

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