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Vilkas doesn't get out much

The best-worst thing about playing Skyrim after all this time is doing factions in a flow outside what the game intended. Like, it’s fairly obvious that the Companions were always meant to be the first faction you joined, which leads to some hilarious moments of idiot-ball-carrying if you DIDN’T join them straight away and… did stuff first. 163 woorden meer

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Hornsby Adventure [near-death intro] 

Decided to take another hike today up in the nature and quiet town of Hornsby, which is north of Sydney. Of course things didn’t go as planned; my trail goal was changed due to construction, and the substituted track I took revealed how ill-prepared I was for the track I did take. 446 woorden meer


'Skyrim' Modwatch : Nithhogg Dragon

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you another edition of Skyrim Modwatch, this time focusing on a staple creature of the Elder Scrolls Universe. 344 woorden meer

Helfavatn and the Solveig Family

I built The Pirate’s Cave which claims to be discovered by the Solveig Family. So I built the family and a home for them. They’re inspired by the viking, but not traditional. 147 woorden meer


Storm's Childe 4 - A Difficult Contract

Author’s Note: This chapter contains spoilers, not only for the “Mourning Never Comes” quest but also my Selene Stormblade series. I am writing this in the same world as Selene, after Selene’s story has been completed and before Dragonborn: the Legacy begins, and that means that certain out-of-game, off-lore things have happened. 3.633 woorden meer