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The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim

This review could potentially be my first 2 parter, or atleast first one I’ll have to update after posting *cracks knuckles* ow.

How do you begin writing a review about a game that everyone has already heard of? 481 woorden meer

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The Skyrim Speedway: Part 17

Looking for other Skyrim Speedway posts? Part One has links to them all!

The past two sessions, Daedric Dealmaker Orc Orcerrson has been hoovering up fragments of the Daedric Prince’s power in physical form like they’re Beanie Babies and he’s from the 90s. 1.297 woorden meer


The Skyrim Diaries - Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol.11

For those of you unaware, our good elf has now been settled in Skyrim for quite some time, and she has certainly got involved with the most interesting people. 1.360 woorden meer


Game Review: Skyrim

Today I’ve decided to try something new, a game review, hopefully this is something that everyone will enjoy. I try not to go in depth for the story, so nothing major is spoiled. 919 woorden meer


Let's Play Skyrim (16)

Chris tackles the beautiful open world of Skyrim with the help of the remastered version! He’ll try to be the sneakiest Dovahkiin that ever Dragonborned while taking on whatever sidequests and locations tickle his fancy. 26 woorden meer

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Major Bugs Fixed

Hi guys,

Quick update,  we’ve fixed a serious bug in the level design where when the player was able to either build nothing at all, clear the trees and then not be able to building anything, or be able to build everything at once. 87 woorden meer