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It’s RAINING trains! it’s… raining… trains…

This is a¬†popular and relatively new video but I think it’s an exceptionally well crafted piece of comedy so I just want to say a few things about it. 104 woorden meer


To Follow Your Passions... Or Not - That is the question

Has anyone else strayed from their passions lately? I feel like I have quite a bit since I walked up to my dorm room for the first time 5.5 years ago, starry eyed and bushy tailed, my nose not quite yet distinguishing the odor coming from my roommate. 472 woorden meer


RPG Rabbit Is Somewhat Unimpressed by Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae

I was happy to discover that Square Enix has a survey to gather feedback about their Final Fantasy XV demo, because I have a lot of opinions about it. 591 woorden meer

Final Fantasy

Day 87

Day 87:March 28th 2015. I used to be an adventurer like you….

Day 87 of my iphone 365 project. This photo  may have been edited a little :)

Project 365 For 2015

5 Great Fan Made Music Videos (Based on Video Games)

Sure, it’s pretty awesome when a new game trailer comes out. Especially when it’s 100% hard beats and gun-fighting, demon-slaying, liver-exploding asskickery. Every Borderlands trailer has contained twice as much mad road-ragin’ rampage as a Mad Max movie. 393 woorden meer

In Poor Taste

The Heroine- part 4

Back at the capital city, the fellow heroine, January Ellens, had returned along with her friend Kernuby August.Captain Aldis stood at the center, as him and the other guards worked to finally clean away the fallen guard’s bodies.He stood from across the distance, and frowned as he saw January and Kernuby coming his way,“January?” he went, “ 1.219 woorden meer