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Traveling to Skyrim

Hello, I am the gourmet. I’m currently residing in Morrowind. The food here is terrible. I’m ready to travel to Skyrim, the land of the nords. 19 woorden meer


GabeN Say What?

Valve has only recently begun the Steam workshop profits sharing program from paid modifications for games. Already this has caused a frenzy among even the most loyal of followers after details that content creators will only receive 25% of all sales from Skyrim modifications. 276 woorden meer

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The Great Mod Conspiracy

If you are a fan of Skyrim, then you have probably heard more than you care about what has happened recently. For those of you that haven’t, Valve has recently allowed the sale of mods through Steam itself. 367 woorden meer


Lord Gaben Giveth and Taketh Away: Mod Madness

The PC master race is dead. I repeat, the PC master race is dead. Console commandos worldwide rejoice as the one feature that PC users have held over their heads for years has been snatched up from them by their lord and protector, Valve. 506 woorden meer


The Rise of the Skyrim Modding Community

Everyone has probably already heard of the new Paid Mod feature on the Steam Workshop. It has caused an incredible shitstorm on the internet, mostly within the Skyrim modding community. 719 woorden meer


[024] i'm a pro at crastinating

Well, it’s nearly 10 PM on a Monday night and I’m making a blog post. I’m in kind of a weird mood for a variety of reasons, so what better way to work it out than ramble for hundreds of words on the internet? 702 woorden meer

Yes It's True I'm A Nerd

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Ich kaufte das Spiel vor ├╝ber 3 Jahren. Ohne zu wissen, was The Elder Scrolls eigentlich ist. Ich war sozusagen ein Neueinsteiger. Skyrim war das erste Spiel auf meinen neuen Laptop, den Ich damals bekommen habe. 201 woorden meer