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Popular Massive Video Games And Their Lesser-Known Counterparts

I was playing Mario Kart Recently and realized how most of the beginners choose Mario instead of any other character and what hurts the most is that no one picks Luigi in front Mario which is complete bullcrap because I think Luigi is better than Mario in every aspect but then again Mario is the HERO and Luigi is just a sidekick.This got me thinking of popular video games and their lesser-known counterparts and today we are counting down the underrated counterparts of popular games. 705 woorden meer


Bursting into life

Dear Mother,

The next room is covered in cobwebs but luckily there is no spider lurking nearby. However, this room is no less dangerous for there are strings of infected bones hanging from the ceiling. 18 woorden meer


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set from Spacelab9

I don’t know how many hours I put into Skyrim.  I think the last time I checked it was in between 104-109 hours, maybe more. 361 woorden meer