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King Olaf's Verse

Back in the early days of her adventuring career, Amalthea wandered into the Bards College in Solitude. There, she made the mistake of speaking to the… 266 woorden meer

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Buggy Skyrim - it could be worse

So I have this persistent bug after installing (and then uninstalling) a mod to let me change my spouse‘s clothes. Now priests and priestesses have no clothing. 25 woorden meer

Amalthea's Adventures

Skyrim Modding - Whats my game, again?

Yes that was my attempt at a Blink 182 reference/play on words…

holla at me 90s kids!

Anyway. If you are reading this you are either lost in the internet and stumbled your way here, or you just love… 375 woorden meer


Podcast 20. Bazinga!

Could this be our most nerdy podcast ever? We talk technical spec of OCULUS RIFT, photography of NO MEAN SKY, text-based adventures with FALLEN LONDON, combat systems with TRANSISTOR and the morality of the WITCHER 3 – Wild Hunt. 23 woorden meer


Skooma and Stress

For those of you who are gamers and equally those who are not, I’m sure you’re aware of Skyrim. The sequel to Oblivion (which was pretty awesome) it certainly lived up to all of my expectations. 334 woorden meer

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That Paid Steam Mod Thing

Remember when you were able to buy mods for Skyrim through Steam? That was an odd two days. I am sure anyone who cares about this topic already knows at least somewhat what went down, so I don’t think I am going to get into the particulars here. 578 woorden meer

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Thalmor execution orders

The Thalmor are pissed off at Amalthea because she likes to arm and then free their prisoners. Elven supremacists are so petty.
Destroy her with extreme hatred.

Amalthea's Adventures