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As a PC user, I love the idea of the Nintendo Switch

Having a PC is like having a car. They break down, cost too much for what you get and you are never happy until you replace that one last part to make it perfect. 336 woorden meer


Rad: Nintendo's New System Lets You Play 2011's Hottest Game on the Toilet

Nintendo announced its new system today, the Nintendo Switch. The best part? People can play Skyrim on this thing! And was that Mario? And From Software is working on games for this? 100 woorden meer

Nintendo Releases Preview Trailer for  "Nintendo Switch", Internet Rejoices 

I got on Facebook and saw Nintendo trending today and for a good reason. A preview trailer for the Nintendo Switch has been released and you can watch the video by clicking… 111 woorden meer


Nintendo Switch Officially Announced

Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that the Nintendo NX would be revealed today. However, in a surprising name change, the once NX is now called Nintendo Switch which will be released in March 2017. 175 woorden meer


Nintendo Switch - Called it!

Rexis here!

The news is in! Have you seen the Nintendo Switch reveal yet? Take a look here.

And its funny Kotaku should ask this question because… YES! 673 woorden meer


First Look at Nintendo Switch - YouTube

Some thoughts:

  • It’s the gaming equivalent of Microsoft’s Continuum feature. Emphasis on mobile, social, competitive gaming without loss in graphical fidelity. The key is going to be: how fast are the transitions between various device states?
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First look: The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s NX has been official announced at the Nintendo Switch. The handheld-console hybrid is coming March 2017.