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Traveling on a Budget and Other Tips!

I’ve developed a few tricks up my sleeve for traveling on a budget and I am active and back on WordPress in time to share them with you for summer! 721 woorden meer


They're Fucken Right

is it my imagination or are kids swearing at an earlier and earlier age?

correct me if I’m wrong but the language of the little shits I hear is fucken disgraceful… 92 woorden meer


페블타임 Pebble Time, 드디어 도착

현 시점 궁극의 웨어러블 기기인 애플워치가 소개된지도 벌써 한 달이 넘은 지금에야, 지난 2월 킥스타터 kickstarter를 통해 후원한 스마트워치인 페블타임 Pebble Time을 수령했습니다.

여담 – 기다림과 익숙해져야 할 킥스타터 후원기 15 woorden meer

HB Daily

Who Are You?

I realised yesterday after our first post that it was incredibly rude to have not introduced who we are. To keep things interesting for ourselves we don’t want to make this just about us – we also want to know about you! 543 woorden meer


Day 186

I had a pretty decent day today. Got to work with a cute new guy at work. Don’t worry though. I’ve learned my lesson with co-workers. 228 woorden meer

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