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How Smart Companies Are Using PR To Make A Mark

You may have some groundbreaking idea, but that in itself doesn’t count for much unless you are able to market, promote, and advertise its usefulness across the nation and . 8 woorden meer

Dust to Dust

The catch at the back of my throat has gone now.The rainy season has started and the air is clearer.About once a week or may twice there is a real downpour. 249 woorden meer

Top Down or Bottom Up?

To reach your goals, start small! Doing things gradually will help determine what works for you. Focusing on a little bit each day can help in your evaluation process. 95 woorden meer


Check List

It’s old fashion and very popular whether they admit or not, but here’s my check list of what I look for in my “other half”. 125 woorden meer

Check List

This Suburb Opted In to SMART After 19 Years

In the wake of the James Robertson story, there’s been considerable hand-wringing about the Detroit suburbs that “opt out” of the SMART bus system. Oftentimes, the “opt-out” communities are portrayed as bastions of prejudice, one more example of the metro region’s seemingly unbridgeable racial and economic divides. 525 woorden meer