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Blueberry Smoothie With Hidden Veggies

Well, I’ve found a new favorite!  Wow, this smoothie is SO SO YUMMY!!!  The best part?  It’s got veggies in there that are so good for you, but totally tastes like a fruit-only smoothie!   153 woorden meer


Summer Blossom

The trick to that thick creamy texture? Our good friend avocado!

Simply add 1/2 avocado and less water or milk to any smoothie recipe and blend, and you too will have that to-die-for, thick and creamy smoothie bowl. 52 woorden meer


Summer Immune Booster

Summer is my favourite time of the year, and here in the UK we are finally getting a little more sunshine, yay!

However, this past week I have found myself to be really under the weather, and realised my immune system may need a little extra TLC. 156 woorden meer


Chocolate Banana & Peanut Butter

Breakfast, mid-meal snack, or even served up as dessert…this choc, ‘nana and PB smoothie bowl is simply perfect and super tasty. I blended the ingredients below and threw in some extra fruit and fibre, Monday morning needs spicing up in some way or another, right? 124 woorden meer


USA Donuts & Croissants (Panorama City, CA)

Dropped by in here because a friend was craving something sweet.

Been to other USA Donuts but don’t recall them serving Hispanic related drinks (i.e. Chamango)… What??? 137 woorden meer


Banana & Almond Nice Cream

Creamy, sweet and cool. This banana and almond nice cream will satsify all your cravings. A perfect healthy dessert too, it is amazing how something so healthy can taste so damn good. 148 woorden meer