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Diversity is Essential but not Sufficient

Diversity is a big word in business today. We are preached to continuously about how important having diverse leadership is to improving your performance. HBR in their article on… 423 woorden meer

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Transforming Enterprises with Social Enterprise Technology Universal Platform

Equating today’s consumer internet to enterprise IT (B2B/B2E) is similar to comparing cheese to  chalk. The consumer internet is awash with social media and mobile apps delivered from the cloud. 391 woorden meer

How to plan the BEST office party!

So, it is that time of year again….the holiday season from Thanksgiving (in the US), to Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus and New Years.  It is during this season when many companies decide to throw an office party.   83 woorden meer

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Getting “Liked”: Is Content Overrated?

We are regularly bombarded with the message that “Content is King”, quickly followed by a plethora of methods, tips and even tricks on how to make our content more attractive i.e. 739 woorden meer

What is data quality?


So why is a blurb on data quality important? Well considering my sites name is about dirty data I should explain why. Big data is everywhere and used by everyone, and if used incorrectly, can prove a pointless exercise. 359 woorden meer

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Where is MY Big Data?

Social Physics

So now I know what Big Data is, it’s the four big V’s. Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity. I also gave a few brief examples of what data you generate, but lets dig a little deeper into that. 690 woorden meer

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Sentimental Analysis in R


In this blog we will do the sentimental analysis of Trump & Clinton Tweets using R!

We will use Microsoft Cognitive Services (Text Analytics API) in R to calculate sentimental scores of tweets! 800 woorden meer