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People analytics is tricky to do, but there is light at the end of the tunnel

People analytics is tricky to do for many different reasons. There are:

  • Technical challenges
    The data that feeds people analytics tends to be predominately unstructured (text, audio, video, network), comes from dozens of disparate and semantically misaligned data sources, is notoriously ambiguous and prone to misunderstanding, is sparse with lots of missing data, requires complex analysis algorithms, and is BIG.
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Social Analytics

Four Powerful Tips for a Highly Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

Most B2B companies are not great at social media marketing. Often, they’re too boring, or too product-focused, to engage social media users and develop a loyal following. 1.042 woorden meer


A Fragile Moment for Big Media

We’re living in an age where the underdog wins. Startups — and individuals with the mentality of startups — have the agility to shift massive industries. 840 woorden meer


In social analytics, maturity is relative

At Altimeter Group, we’ve been measuring the state of social business for several years now.

Each year brings new shifts. Some are surprising, others not so much. 502 woorden meer

About business #processes, #nimbleness and #relevance

It was acceptable to build a more centralised structure in the previous business environment, where passing filtered information up the chain was the right and maybe the only way to smartly exclude useless or irrelevant data from busy executives routines.  554 woorden meer


Big Data and the Future of Work

A while ago I was asked to take part in an event where I was asked to share why I believed that big data, and specifically analytics, would lay the foundation for the Future of Work; and I had to do this in 5 minutes and for an audience of humanists. 135 woorden meer

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