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It's all kicking off at SMiLE London 2015, March 11th

In a few weeks time I’ll be in London at Simply Communicate’s SMiLE London 2015 exchanging ideas around social, collaboration, communications, with a lot of analytics thrown in for good measure. 261 woorden meer

Social Analytics

In God we trust. All others must bring data.

I chose to start with W. Edwards Deming’s famous quote since this post is all about Data; why we need it and why we don’t have enough of it, which may seem surprising since all anyone talks about these days is the bigdata we are swimming in. 620 woorden meer

Social Analytics

Beyond Vanity Metrics - Community Manager Appreciation Day Panel

Community Manager Appreciation Day in 2015 was again marked with 24 hours of panels on a variety of community management topics, hosted on Google Hangouts. For this year’s CMAD I hosted a panel on metrics and analytics, and how we use social and community data to demonstrate business outcomes. 107 woorden meer

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Stop Trying to Go Viral

If there has been one motif in the digital marketing world over the past few years, it’s the fascination with extreme growth — the rise of virality… 863 woorden meer


The Future of Business Analytics; from Transactional to Interactional

“Over the last few months I’ve seen an increasing number of requests from folks who want to better understand what is going on across their enterprise social and collaboration networks with a view to “being smarter”, both at an individual and organizational level. 230 woorden meer

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Startup Profile: Ninja Metrics

Ninja Metrics Inc. provides a social analytics tool that can measure how players in online games influence each other and assess the monetary worth of that influence. 680 woorden meer


My TED Talk Translated (Japanese): "Privacy by Design: Humanizing Analytics”

I want to give a huge thanks to my colleague 八木橋 Pachi 昌也 (@dubbedpachi) for transcribing and translating my TED talk “Privacy by Design: Humanizing Analytics”. 137 woorden meer

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