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不可不知的行內術語 – Dark Social

「 Dark Social 」是什麼呢?雖然 dark social 的名字聽起來很陰森恐怖,但它卻是我們時常都在參與的事情。今天就讓我們揭開 dark social之謎。

Dark social 的由來

你有沒有在社交網站分享過連結?如果有,你已經助長了 dark social 。「 dark social 」是網站來歷不明的訪客。一般而言,網站分析工具是靠 referral tags 把訪客分為五大類︰搜尋、推薦、社交、推廣及直接。當你在社交平台、通訊應用程式、電郵等分享網頁連結時,這些 referral tags 未必能順利通過平台,因此當你的朋友打開連結時,網站分析工具不知道他是由你推薦的,就會把他錯誤歸入「來歷不明」名單。 36 woorden meer

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Yammer Benchmarking Insights #3 – Collaboration at the Personal Level

 In this episode we drill down to the most detailed level. That’s you, the individual collaborator.

At SWOOP we have designed behavioural personas to characterise individual collaboration patterns based on your pattern of activity.For example, if you are a Catalyst, you are good at getting responses to your posts. 1.130 woorden meer

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The richness of your phone data (after fixing it)

The value of the data on your phone may be used in so many ways. Universities could use your phones screen data, analyzing when and how often it’s turning on and off during a class, indicating the focus of the students attending that lecture. 787 woorden meer

Social Physics

We are all part of the Data Revolution

It’s not hard to accept the idea that we are all generating data at an astounding rate. Look around you on the tube\subway and note everyone on their mobile devices. 344 woorden meer

Social Physics

Social Profiling Analytics- Behavior Analysis of Asian Americans

Analyze Asian Americans community to discover if it is a monolithic group or if there are hidden patterns of distinct social profiles based on socio-economic demographics ,  priorities of life , immigration status & view of USA ; which can explains their social behavior. 4.573 woorden meer

Cara Mengambil Data Twitter Menggunakan R

Setelah kita punya key Twitter API (boleh dilihat di sini untuk tau caranya), saatnya kita ambil data twitter. Sebelumnya maaf saya ga jadi posting ambil data pakai PHP, soalnya ada yang lebih lebih lebih mudah nih. 466 woorden meer


Cara Mendapatkan Twitter API Access

Bermula dari kebutuhan thesis dan kuliah, lalu nyari-nyari dan ternyata caranya mudah banget! Sekedar ingin berbagi, siapa tau ada yang lagi butuhin juga. Sekarang kan untuk Social Computing atau Social Data Mining atau Social Analytics butuh data dari Social Media. 290 woorden meer