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Beauty Independent


In August 2017, Indie Beauty Expo launched a new editorial arm of their company, Beauty Independent, to further serve the beauty industry’s entrepreneurial set. 158 woorden meer

World Science Festival


The World Science Festival needed help strategically growing their social media presence, engagement, and reach leading up to the 2017 festival. They also required live onsite social media event coverage across their seven-day festival. 130 woorden meer

Data: Decide, Act, Test, Amend

Successful digital and social marketing programmes are built on interconnected modules, all needed to deliver the best possible results for customers, at the best possible returns on investment in resources and budgets for the organization running the programmes. 468 woorden meer


Angry Tweeter? Social media is so much more....

Let’s talk social – internet data is abundant and growing every single day.  As marketers, we have got to find a way to take advantage of it.  486 woorden meer

Social Media Analytics

Know where to go, know what to do: plug into data and act on those inputs to maximize your marketing effort

I used to take flying lessons, many years ago. Although I never got my private pilot’s licence, learning how to master a light aircraft was some of the best fun I’ve ever had – and the concentration (for me, at any rate) was so intense that, during lessons, I forget everything else, leaving me with a brain cleansed of clutter. 657 woorden meer

Social Media

Ecommerce︰自家網店 vs 購物平台



自家網店是指由公司自己構建,獨立存在的網店,例如 Eldage 傳耆 的網上商店。自家網店的優點是你可以全權掌控網店內的一切,包括設計、購物程序、付款及送貨安排、客戶流量管理等。即使你對電腦程式不太熟悉,也可以尋求開發公司為你設計。雖然獨立發展有很多好處,但也代表所有事情都要靠自己,吸引人流更是自家網店的最大弱點。如果你選擇建立自家網店,就要有一定的宣傳預算。


購物平台是指淘寶及 Etsy 等的網站。要加入這些網店一般十分簡單,你只需選擇模板,加入產品資料和上載相片就大功告成。加上這些平台本身已吸引大量的顧客到訪,只要你的產品適合,顧客就會找到你的產品,吸引不少中小企業。當然,大量顧客就會有大量競爭對手,要從眾多商店突圍而出就要靠獨特的產品和顧客的好評。

你的公司適合用哪一種呢?希望以上的資料對你有幫助。若想知道更多關於 digital marketing 的資訊,歡迎與我們聯絡。



Top Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Marketing Success

To increase traffic to the website, a good analytics tool like Google Analytics is must. Choosing analytics tool depends on the type of analytics you are required to do. 429 woorden meer