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Identifying Key Connectors/Informal Leaders at Scale

This recent article by Reid Carpenter  on uncovering the authentic informal leaders reminds us again that in a post industrial economy, the powerbrokers are less likely to be identified by their C-Level formal titles, and more likely to be identified through word of mouth. 784 woorden meer

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AirBnB vs Booking.com….your preference?

Having spent the last week immersed in ‘Platfirms’ (platform businesses) I now have some time to reflect as we leisurely wind our way through the French Pyrenees. 762 woorden meer

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The power of customer insight for Telecommunications

A few months ago I was privileged enough to join a panel of industry recognised experts from the world of telecoms and energy / utilities sectors. 89 woorden meer

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If Europe had an Enterprise Social Network would we still have Brexit?

Whether you are pro or con #Brexit there is much that we can learn from this result regarding the effects of social networking and social media. 797 woorden meer

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Is Bridging the Enterprise–Consumer Social Networking Divide a Bridge too Far?

On the surface Facebook@work looks a lot like consumer Facebook. We have news feeds, groups, shared social media, discussions, hashtags and the like. Familiarity with the interface is one of the strong selling points for Facebook, but since its soft launch in 2015, … 901 woorden meer

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Does your Community have a Key Player Risk?

SWOOP: Key Player Index

An important characteristic of networks is that some individuals are more important to the performance of the network than others. In fact, if we were to plot the relative influence of individuals in a network, the degradation from the most influential to the least follows a… 445 woorden meer

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Why Machine Learning Is The Future Of Loyalty Programs

Over the last 30 years we have witnessed the very nature of marketing change. We have seen the focus shift from creative advertising, through digital marketing and mobile apps to the current focus on data-driven engagement and data-centric marketing. 502 woorden meer

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