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Facebook 廣告 - 如何避免目標重疊?


什麼是 Audience Overlap?

按道理,每個 ad set 的目標受眾應該互不相交才能達致有效的市場割分。Audience overlap 是指不同 ad set 目標受眾重疊的地方。例如,你把廣告 A 投放給喜歡美容的人,廣告 B 投放給喜歡看雜誌的人。兩個目標群眾好像不一樣,事實上同時喜歡美容和看雜誌的人有很多,目標重疊率高達 93%,令廣告 A 和廣告 B 在同一投標中互相競價。這時, Facebook 只會顯示表現較好的廣告並壓抑表現較差的廣告。因此,廣告最後的觸及人數可能比預計大幅減少,令人大失預算。

如何應對 Audience Overlap? 32 woorden meer

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Bridging the Knowledge Sharing/Problem Solving Divide

Working across organisational boundaries

One of the most frequently cited reasons we hear for implementing an enterprise social network platform is to “enable our organisation to better communicate and collaborate across organisational boundaries”. 890 woorden meer

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Why we Should Worry about Response Rates in Enterprise Social Systems

Why we Should Worry about Response Rates in Enterprise Social Systems 

This post continues our series on key SWOOP indicators. We have %Response Rate as a key performance indicator for organisations embracing problem solving and innovation within their Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) platforms. 440 woorden meer

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Social Media Marketing ︰ 你的帳戶健康嗎?

Facebook 的 algorithm 又更新了!這次吹捧的是時間較長的影片。社交媒體每天都在變更,令我們容易患上「 FOMO  症候群 ( fear of missing out )」,作出錯誤的決定。 以下是三個自我測試的問題,助你經營更健康的帳戶。

1. 互動種類是否均衡?

互動和營養一樣,要均衡才會健康。要判斷社交媒體帳戶是否健康,你可參考由數據分析大師 Avinash Kaushik 所提倡的四大社交媒體指標︰
Conversation rate 指粉絲與你的溝通,包括留言、inbox message 等
Amplification rate 指擴大效應,例如粉絲的分享 22 woorden meer

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Influential People – SWOOP Style

In this series of articles, we are profiling each of the SWOOP Analytics Widgets by referencing them to the Enterprise Social Maturity Framework, that we introduced previously. 385 woorden meer

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Socio-Psycho Analyses for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can use sophisticated Sociological and Psychological (Socio-Psycho) factors in order to positively identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). This animated presentation demonstrates just how it can be applied to one of the most opaque places on earth: The White House.

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Smart Collaboration = Smart Money

Smart Collaboration’ is the title of Harvard’s Heidi Gardner’s latest book. The book builds and expands on her well cited HBR article “When Senior Managers Won’t Collaborate” 1.160 woorden meer

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