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Can Collaboration Personas work with Sports Teams?

Professional sport these days is rife with in depth analyses and statistics on player and team performance. Players are now often equipped with wearable devices to monitor their health and fitness by the minute. 1.492 woorden meer

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Is Being a ‘Lurker’ a Good or Bad Thing?

Swoop: Observer Persona

Lurkers are often painted in a negative context, as those that take but don’t give back. Sometimes however, communities are designed for lurkers/observers e.g. 695 woorden meer

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Is There a Place for ‘Broadcasters’ on Conversational Platforms? SWOOP: Broadcaster Persona

This post continues the series the deeper dives into the specific measures included in the SWOOP Collaboration Framework #swoopframework. The ‘Broadcaster’ behavioural persona; is the fourth collaboration persona with the… 289 woorden meer

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Marcus Dawe Joins SWOOP Board

Marcus Dawe with SWOOP Co-Founder Cai Kjaer

We are thrilled to announce that Marcus Dawe has joined our SWOOP board. Here we have an exclusive interview with Marcus exploring areas including what attracted him to SWOOP and how he balances it all as a serial tech entrepreneur. 731 woorden meer

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Scott McNealy’s Marketing Startup Buys British Rival, Replaces Him as CEO

They say the first thing every business professional should do after a promotion is find his or her replacement. Scott McNealy bought one instead.

Last spring, the Sun Microsystems co-founder made headlines by… 294 woorden meer


Analytics: Intrusive or Empowering?

Over the last decade I’ve had the privilege to work on two topics for which I am absolutely passionate; the democratization of analytics and the ethics of data science. 785 woorden meer

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