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The European CIO: A social portrait

by Madalina Irimia and Raluca Dode 

There was a time when the Information Technology department was not as glamorous as marketing or advertising. For lots of people, IT meant smart geeks, technology savvy, code crafters that sat in the back office and manipulated data and computers. 1.560 woorden meer

Ibm Study

Measuring Up

The Zappos saga continued over the past few weeks as my group and I retweeked out previous infographic, to come up with something ready to be shared all over our social medias. 551 woorden meer


Creating Buyer Persona When You Are Just Starting Out

From this Google Trend graph, it is quite clear that in the past couple of years marketers have started showing interest in “Buyer Persona”. Interesting thing is that soon after the spike in search for “Content Marketing”, the search interest for “Buyer Persona” also took off. 1.414 woorden meer


Groundswell and the Coliseum in Social Media

If I had to pick one reason of all the ones I could think of when it comes to why America is the leader in all forms of sport, it’s this: 920 woorden meer

Internet-Connected Box Displays Emotion, Basement Dwellers Still Unaffected

For one reason or another, Twitter has become the modern zeitgeist, chronicling the latest fashions, news, gossip, and irrelevant content that sends us spiraling towards an inevitable existential ennui. 192 woorden meer

Led Hacks

Social signals for the enterprise mobile app developer

Did you know that smoke signals are one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication?  What’s interesting about them is that their meaning was not universally known or understood.  333 woorden meer


A semantic perspective on the challenges of analyzing human networks

I’m currently sitting on a plane on my way back from Crete after attending the STI Semantic Summit; a bi-annual event where a small group of European academic leaders come together to imagine the future of semantics on areas such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, machine learning, big data, social media, etc. 258 woorden meer

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