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Looking Beyond the Product to the Purpose: MS Office 365 Groups

Need a conversation starter? How about the Mac vs PC? IPhone vs Galaxy? Facebook vs Twitter? Beach vs Mountains? Clinton vs Trump? Nothing better to while away a few hours than an animated conversation and debate about why I might prefer one product over another. 959 woorden meer

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Q&A: Start-ups vs Large Corporates

SWOOP Analytics celebrated its 2nd Birthday late last month with our distributed workforce face to face, many for the first time; and also many of our early adopter partners and clients. 826 woorden meer

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Human Factors Engineering: Big Data & Social Analytics to #MakeTechHuman

“Netflix’s analytical orientation has already led to a high level of success and growth. But the company is also counting on analytics to drive it through a major technological shift […] by analytics we mean the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions an actions”. 646 woorden meer


Why bother tweeting?

What stops some creative, talented, gifted people from becoming more well-known?

Why are some creative, talented, gifted people a bit of a secret or hard to find?

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Application of visual analytics to social media analysis

Centre for Digital Scholarship, Weston Library, Oxford

24 November 2016 1.00pm — 2.00pm

I have booked to attend the following talk:

“Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interface.

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Knowing-Doing Gap

In this post we continue to explore how we might better engage the “Long Tail” participants in our Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) communities. In  2000 Jeffey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton published their book entitled the… 870 woorden meer

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Tyranny of the ‘Long Tail’

The advent of Internet enabled e-commerce brought an increased focus on ‘Long Tail’ distributions . Internet organisations like Amazon are able to exploit their low marginal costs by selling low volumes to the Long Tail of buyers with unique non-mainstream needs. 637 woorden meer

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