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An open letter to Bill Gates

The letter below references a speech on technologies innovation in finance for the poor delivered by Bill gates at the banking conference SIBOS.

(I could not send this to Bill directly, mostly because The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website does not tend to encourage discrete, unsolicited feedback. 779 woorden meer



Everything’s online; right from shopping to banking. But, when it comes to a hassle-free experience, you can count on fingers the online portals offering that to you. 566 woorden meer

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Jifi Is Here - Redefining the Future of Banking

We live in the age where everything is Social and we want to experience it all fast and hassle free but what about banking? Aren’t we need Easy and hassle free ? 406 woorden meer


Kotak Jifi: Digital Banking in a jiffy

Source: http://amarnaik.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/untitled.jpg

We all go to banks or ATMs almost every single day of our lives. Whether it’s for depositing money, applying for loans, buying stocks or getting a cheque book, banks are as important for people as air or water. 633 woorden meer

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Into that era of Social Banking.. Let My Country Awake..

Ever heard of this… A Facebook account is required for opening a bank account!!??!!.. Yeah… Here comes the era of Social Banking.. wait whaat!!..  All account related updates, like your account balance, your transactions etc are just a tweet away. 553 woorden meer


Jifi - The Social Banking

‘Jifi’ – what could be this Jifi?

That was my first reaction when I came across this word recently. It is quite a catchy and unusual term for the banking sector which is known for using  sophisticated legal terminologies sometimes way beyond the understanding of person with non-financial background. 770 woorden meer


Who doesn't love free stuff?

How banking will soon become a social experience 

What catches the users attention is a million dollar question. A lot of research goes in what engages the user in the virtual world. 354 woorden meer