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Twitter will change its character limits

In 10 years since its birth, the tweet has evolved from a simple sentence of up to 140 characters to a more complete experience through photos, videos , #hashtag , GIF and more. 331 woorden meer

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Katy Perry's Twitter hacked, tweets vulgar comments and sends message to Taylor Swift

(WTNH)– Monday night was not a great one for Katy Perry.

The most followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry had her Twitter page hacked online Monday and caused a stir on the internet after the n-word and homosexual slurs were tweeted. 79 woorden meer


Do colour co-ordinated folders for phone apps save time?

A little while ago it occurred to me that I spend quite a lot of time flicking around my iPhone or staring at the screen looking for apps in the sea of dots that are my selection. 178 woorden meer

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Google Ad Words: Effective Marketing Tool

Google Ad Words, people may not realise that nine times out of every ten they type a word or combination of words into the Google search engine that they are actually purchased Ad Words used by corporations to get their brand or their product as the first search item that comes up. 141 woorden meer

Digify Bytes June Sessions in Nigeria

Digify Bytes is a one or two-day training programme aimed at giving thousands of young learners and job seekers a short, sharp shot of digital marketing skills. 291 woorden meer


Just Five Things: Cross-promotion strategies for authors

Just Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing. 137 woorden meer

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vTime Has Arrived

As if there were any doubt left, it looks as though virtual reality in its various guises is finally here to stay. It may have taken a few false starts to get it fully off the ground, but there’s now a market, competition, content, affordable kits (as well as the flashy overpriced ones) and perhaps more importantly there is more than just games. 502 woorden meer

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