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Fourteen Non Social Media Things You Can Do

Blogmas: Day 14

When most of our life is happening around social media, it becomes difficult to keep up with the non social media life. We often are clueless about what to do for fun when social media is not included. 93 woorden meer


The Paradox of Lives Run Through ‘Social Media’

A man leans back to pose for his selfie stick, not realising his head is on fire… 


this was the defining image of the Social Paradox Exhibition, which took place on November 23rd at the Stolen Space Gallery in Shoreditch, sponsored by newly launched calendar app Calio. 797 woorden meer

Art And Culture

Computers can now read emotions — here’s

Computers can now read emotions — here’s how that will help you sell products – Two years ago, luxury car brand Bentley created an app to solve what must be the epitome of first world problems: helping customers pick the right Bentayga SUV, based on facial emotion analysis. 32 woorden meer

Social Media

That was yesterday

You are beautiful, you are strong, you are not defined by your mistakes or your past, you are not who you were yesterday. You have changed, you’ve learned, you’ve grown into an amazing human-being, whoever you are today. 332 woorden meer


#MeToo and Celebrity Cases in the News

The #MeToo campaign gained popularity in the Fall of 2017 when the actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet” went viral. 602 woorden meer


Hollywood Scandal


For anyone who can’t think of what I must be referring to in my title, it is the sexual assault scandal that has rocked the world over the past month or so. 714 woorden meer