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I Give Up: I’m Just Blocking Trump Supporters Now

If you’re voting for Donald Trump, and you turn up on my social media to tell me about it, I will straight block your ass, and I won’t even feel sorry. 586 woorden meer


Sparkling Water Goes Social

If you were to take a look into the fridge of a millennial, you probably wouldn’t find much. Typical contents include last night’s leftovers, a bunch of wilted kale, random condiments and…LaCroix. 394 woorden meer

Social Media

Airbnb “Never a Stranger” : It's about being a tourist without being a "tourist."

Instagram’s Carousel Ad

Nowadays, more and more marketers choose to use Instagram as their primary social media platform to promote their brands and reach to more audiences. 519 woorden meer

Social Media

Keeping Up Appearances

If asked, most people would say they know the way their friends and acquaintances present themselves on social media is a façade. Still, when you’re scrolling through your various feeds and seeing only the “best side” of everyone you know, it’s understandable that feelings of failure or inadequacy may arise. 330 woorden meer


How to answer the question “What’s your biggest weakness?”

It’s been a standard interview question for so long, it’s become a bit of a cliche. Still, the question “what’s your biggest weakness” is likely to show up, in some form or another, in your interviews. 208 woorden meer

More than just a pretty photo

The social media I am constantly checking and obsessing over is Instagram.

I love Instagram. There’s videos, memes and photos. Instagram allows the user to be creative by editing their photo and creating a catchy caption. 378 woorden meer