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nasty words !!!

As I have   said previous   ( think ) people  tend   to  thump hurtful   words   to people    i   would  prob  spend  a life time  in prison  if   u had to  spend a  day   locked up   for   everything hurtful      that   comes out  since the ptsd   really  took effect      it is  just   as if   can’t   stop the words  coming out  it  is frightening but   also   must   be harming     about what  to do  with nasty words   here   is a  tale  of  words  !!!! 155 woorden meer

Mental Health

Stressed or Blessed?

Health issues. Finances. Relationships. School or work deadlines. These are just some of life’s hurdles that cause our blood pressure to rise and our hearts to race. 577 woorden meer


If it’s meant to be, it will be.


Today has been full of reflection as over the last week I’ve tried to avoid life. If I don’t check my bank account I can’t be broke. 291 woorden meer



Did you go to church today?

If so did you go ready and willing to hear God speak to you, or did you go with your mind full of the events of the past week, or were you thinking about what lies ahead for you this coming week? 53 woorden meer


Why Today Stinks: The Dangers of Complaining

I don’t always like life. One journal entry I wrote describes this well: “This morning I awoke in my normal weekday mindset…and completely detested life.” Some mornings I look at the day ahead and say, “Gross. 1.043 woorden meer

Comm & Christ

8 Tips to Remain Happy

Life can become very hectic and stressful at times. Nevertheless we often have to push on through to ensure we achieve our individual goals and aspirations. 1.225 woorden meer

How I deal with stress

Life in college can be a real struggle sometimes. It won’t be a surprise when there comes a moment that you are so stressed out that you don’t know what to do anymore. 572 woorden meer