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Venomous Serpents and Cleaning Up the Diet

Kind of an odd title right? How the hell do these things correlate at all? Well today I am going to add some other juicy bits to the table I have been setting for you these previous writings and give you a little backstory on how I ended up where I am now. 746 woorden meer

One Problem Everyone Has and How to Cope

Heart-pounding, knee-knocking stress. Your palms sweat and your head gets light.

It’s the fight-or-flight response that kept our ancestors alive when they were out hunting to make sure that they weren’t the ones being eaten. 458 woorden meer

Productivity Experts

Mental Health in the Workplace – Learning how to thrive

In this short post, Dr Karen McDonnell discusses the importance of organisations focussing on their internal approach around mental health in the workplace.

When was the last time you told someone you were proud of them or asked them how they were feeling? 376 woorden meer

Workplace Safety

Yesterday I had one of the most boring exams of all my 3 years in uni. Datastructures and algorithms. They sat me by the window, I was freezing for about 5 hours. 158 woorden meer


Stress -- The Final Frontier

Okay! It’s two weeks into a new year and you’ve discovered 3 visits to the gym don’t qualify you for a bikini, no matter how positive you are; Jan, at work, is still an asshole, and if you don’t get some… 454 woorden meer

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Just a day

There’s times when I just want to be. I want to cry and wish there was a way to hold our guardian angels and tell them all the details of the day. 158 woorden meer


Storm Front on the Home Front

I had a ticket to go and see the essayist David Sedaris last night, who was on a book tour to promote his current and upcoming scribbles. 921 woorden meer