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What I learned in 3rd year

I finished college in the first week of May, and it’s only now that I’ve sat down to write this post, not because I’ve been too busy because I’ve been very active with blogging and… 725 woorden meer


Treat People Like You Want to be Treated: An Interview with the Founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark

By Yumiko Higuchi
(A candidate of Master of Science, Integrated Marketing Communications)

There are many successful people in San Francisco; but Craig is my most favorite person because I am a big fan of his website, … 864 woorden meer


Cover Artist.

Working as a cover artist can be both very rewarding and terribly frustrating at times.

The positives of working as a cover artist is, I get to experience and witness many emotional, memorable moments in an individuals life for example, performing at a wedding either the first dance or singing as a bride walks down the aisle – considering most of these individuals are in fact strangers this is a very beautiful and powerful moment to be a part of. 287 woorden meer

a Father's Day post

It was Father’s Day last Sunday and I got to spend the day with my brother, who is a father, and my own dad, who is in town. 347 woorden meer


My Awful First Year At University

Hey Freshers,

So, I bit the bullet and made my first ever youtube video and for a beginner, I think it went okay.

As promised I would blog my videos with a quick summary of the key points so you don’t have to remember. 123 woorden meer


Immigration is a HUMAN RIGHT

Hello dear readers and students. Even though I no longer live in the U.S., I cannot ignore what is happening there. My heart has been breaking seeing the news of children separated from their parents at the border, but I just didn’t know what to do. 247 woorden meer


Creative writing expression as self-healing

I’ve spent today looking back at some of the creative writing poetry pieces that I wrote back in my first year of university and was shocked at just how down and dark some of the work really was. 691 woorden meer