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A weekend on the move - Manila, Taal, and Nasugbu

There’s really nothing better than having a friend visit – especially when that friend was pretty much responsible for an awesome week-long vacation in Taiwan. Hey, three days in the Philippines might not be exactly the same, but I think A and I did alright giving FM the true Philippines experience. 1.098 woorden meer

Hiking Taal with Cousins

My cousins from Dallas, Texas, USA visited the Philippines – YAY! Finally, I get to meet them again!

The last time we met was in 2008; back then I still had my braces and I was still taller than my younger siblings – which is not the case today… cause now, I am the eldest but I am the shortest :( and now I’m just rambling :)) HAHA. 710 woorden meer


Island inside a lake inside a volcano inside a lake inside a volcano on an island! Confused?

So, this past week, I attended my multinational NGO’s annual midterm review meeting. It takes place over 3 days, and they review their progress in the year so far. 1.262 woorden meer


Nieuw woord voor in de keuken

Toevallig lees ik net een lijst met bestaande (Engelstalige) woorden die we volgens SoBadSoGood vaker moeten gebruiken. Ben ik het helemaal mee eens, want onomatopoeia (toevallig ook bij Nederlanders bekend), … 130 woorden meer


Volcano Golf and (Argh) Live Music - Day 86 - Apr 14

First up was our introduction to ‘The Jeepney’ an elongated jeep usually in polished silver metal with various sometimes gaudy paintings on the side, the name of the jeep and/or sometimes references to God, lastly lots of things on the dashboards to lower the driver’s field of vision. 920 woorden meer


Certificaat. Wordt uitgedeeld in de gegoede buurten van steden. Houder van een dergelijke bewijs weet zeker dat zijn kind op een intens witte school zit.

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The Journey to the World's Smallest Active Volcano

All photos taken with Cherry Mobile Flare.

On May 15, 1754, at about 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening, the volcano quite unexpectedly commenced to roar and emit sky-high, formidable flames intermixed with glowing rocks which, falling back upon the island and rolling down the slopes of the mountain, created the impression of a large river of fire.

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