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Finally! A fake tan for sensitive skin ☺️✨

I was dubious as to what this would be like as other tans I have tried that are for ‘sensitive skin’ have not delivered, they all claim to be made from ‘natural’ tanning agents but still manage to irritate my skin. 109 woorden meer


Goondu review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2016)

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

I thought I had seen the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at an electronics store last week, when the salesman helpfully told me that I was actually looking at last year’s version. 1.001 woorden meer


Chapter 2: It looks like my master is a brute


What is it? I’m sleeping~~

*poke* *poke*

Funnya~~ Let me sleep a bit more

*poke* *poke* *poke*

Stop poking me~~ just five more minutes! 1.326 woorden meer


Samsung Tab Prices in Pakistan

Samsung Tab Prices in Pakistan Are you in search for the best Samsung Tab in Pakistan? Do you find some issues in searching for the tab at the cheap rates? 9 woorden meer

There's an App for That - disable Tab Tearing in Firefox

So for a few months (years? it seems like) now I’ve had this annoying Very Not-A-Feture bugging me in Firefox.

At various times, and against my will, based on no behaviour I can identify (but I think it is a timing issue on slower CPUs like the PI) I’ll be moving the slider to scroll down a browser window and BANG! 579 woorden meer

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