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EVTECHTM 3 Style New Design 3D Temporary Tattoos Waterproof

Tribal Armband tattoos are in great demand these days. The most important qualities of these types of tattoos are their versatility, belligerent nature, and the designs which are symmetric. 340 woorden meer

Chúng tôi nói gì về việc xăm mình?

“Cái gì??? Dẹp đi! Không có xăm trổ gì ở đây nghe chưa! Làm là tao đuổi ra khỏi nhà nghe chưa! Muốn làm gì thì lấy chồng đi rồi xin nó, nó cho thì làm.

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August in Review


Earlier this month we attended the  South Florida Tattoo Expo. I have not participated in any tattoo-related event since promising my grandmother I would lay off the ink for a bit, but my husband had to get his Rebel tattoo. 560 woorden meer

Aprils Art Studio

working on messy love

Years and years ago, back when The Big Top was scarcely beginning, a friend of mine gossiped confided about what another dear friend had shared about her marriage…that it was work… 401 woorden meer

Darling Husband

around the world

An interesting piece of news from New Zealand where a young guy was refused an entry into a bar because of his facial tattoos. Much uproar it caused but it was even more interesting to watch how the situation developed – fighting against stereotypes, Human Rights Commission… 73 woorden meer


No tattoos or stretched ears rule to improve discipline

Thailand: No tattoos or stretched pierced ears please, say vocational schools

By Rachel Middleton | International Business Times – Thu, Aug 6, 2015

Vocational schools in Bangkok and the surrounding area will bar children with tattoos or stretched pierced ears in the 2016 academic year in a bid to improve discipline among… 292 woorden meer


Old mark of slavery is being used on sex trafficking victims

When Adriana walks into a room, people take notice. Her neon pink dress and pearls could not even come close to her electric persona.

“Before we begin. 1.488 woorden meer