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Tattooed Shakespeare

“Love all,
trust a few,
do wrong to none.”

William Shakespeare ⚭ (April 23, 1564)

(Tattooed Shakespeare by Mathew McFarren)

Feed Your Head

5 ways to tell if your graffiti artist is going to stab you

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When deciding whether to hire an experienced artist to add graffiti to your home or take care of things yourself, a couple of different factors come into play: how tight your work schedule is, whether you actually have any natural talent in art, and especially, what your wife tells you to do. 987 woorden meer

Fake News

Decorations on my body..

Hello all!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, mainly because I was having a bit of a crisis in deciding what to write and whether what I was doing was worth it. 963 woorden meer

An illustrated mum...

I am aware as someone who has chosen to adorn their body with tattoos and piercings that not everyone likes/understands/approves of them.  We have recently moved house to an area where I notice there seems to be a distinct lack of people who have chosen a more “alternative” lifestyle for themselves.  1.515 woorden meer

Terrible tattoo gaffes soon to be a thing of the past

If you’ve had a dreadfully drawn tattoo, or even worse, been the victim of an embarrassing misspelling, then help is at hand.

Because plastic surgeons at Guy’s Hospital have come up with a way to tattoo natural skin tones over the top of even the darkest ink colours, thus obliterating all traces of any previous calamitous and cack-handed tatts without the need for painful and costly removal surgery. 164 woorden meer

UK News

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears!"

i.mesh :  Roberto hairstyle for Hipster Men Event

: Rusted padlock bracelet for Hipster Men Event

.Facade. : Demons Tattoo @  MOM

Darzt : Beard Bento Steel (Daniel) for  29 woorden meer

Roy Mildor