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TX - Missing: Man last seen on West Side - KABB

SAN ANTONIO — The holidays will be harder for one San Antonio family since a loved one went missing just before Thanksgiving.

Santiago Ramirez was last seen Saturday morning near Old Highway 90 and West Military Drive. 19 woorden meer


Sean Waltman Talks About Daniel Bryan's Push And Similarities To Bret Hart, What Vince McMahon Likes

Former WWE, TNA and WCW talent Sean Waltman had to overcome several hurdles through his career, both in and out of his control. The longtime member of both the NWO and D-Generation X was among the smallest superstars in a WWF era where everyone seemed larger than life. 244 woorden meer


my orion

At 1 o’clock AM tonight, I walked outside to grab the mail- all careful foot on the ice stairs.

A full moon still hung above our roof, and when I stopped to look up at it through freeze-stripped branches I also saw, for the first time since I had it inscribed upon my skin, my constellation; my Orion. 66 woorden meer

Racism has never been uglier

Last week I conversed with a lefty who was gushing over Waleed Aly and venting their spleen at the fact that every time there’s a terror attack or the issue of refugees and immigration comes up in Australia, someone gives Pauline Hanson a microphone and air-time on radio and TV. 1.016 woorden meer


On Women and Tattoos and Being a Woman with Tattoos

Yesterday I thought a lot about women and tattoos. Pinterest is guilty of harboring a lot of articles in the “Tattoos” section titled “Cute, Small Tattoos for Girls!” or “Subtle Tattoos for Women!” The key words here always being some version of “small.” Delicate. 828 woorden meer