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Short term goals

With a lack of determination and long term goals, there is a short term goal I have for a while which is getting tattoos. Yeah pretty basic I know. 232 woorden meer

Don't Tell Your Father...

My husband had a few house rules when our children were young. No piercings, (other than earrings for the girls), no tattoos and no foreign steel parked in his driveway. 556 woorden meer


Dreamer tattoo


tattoo for girls & boys.


Revisiting the Last Leaf

About a year ago, I wrote a slightly lengthy flash fiction (because who am I as a writer if not a bit wordy?) that I’ve since posted on this blog called “The Last Leaf.” Today, in honor of the tattoo I just got with this very leaf in mind, I’m reposting it with the following note: I have never felt more intertwined with the narrator of this piece than I have in these last few months. 754 woorden meer

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