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Linocuts into body art temporary Tattoos

Tian Gan, a graphic designer is experimenting with making her linocut and rubber stamp works into temporary tattoos.  Form an orderly queue please, no shoving at the back. 195 woorden meer


Introducing 24 yo model Patrick.  He likes tattoos, race car driving, lifting heavy weights and building his 6’7 body.  Patrick’s first photo collection contains 20 images.


Book Now for Galveston Tattoo Convention!!

Want some amazing ink, while surrounded by hundred of tattoo enthusiasts, who will all be jealous of your amazing Gotti tattoo? Then book your appointment now with Gotti for your next super custom piece.  49 woorden meer

Fort Worth

What to Expect When Expecting a Malone Modification

 It starts when you decide on your piercing or modification. Megan only uses American Made Titanium jewelry that is purchased from exclusive trusted dealers.

Next, Megan will evaluate and decide the best way to begin and she marks her exact point and makes sure it is in the perfect spot. 116 woorden meer


Wimpy Wine

The island survived my absence: turkeys still grifting, opossums still gnawing through garbage, my oldest daughter kept the feral cat colony in our yard alive. My tomato plants died but that was written in the stars. 749 woorden meer

Staten Island