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Another Day

Have you ever started to panic over something that is probably just nothing? I do that all the time.

Previously, when it came to my best friend (who is no longer my best friend) that I talked to almost all day, every day, if he didn’t reply within an hour or two (and I didn’t know that he was already busy) I would assume the worst… that somehow, he had died or been severely injured. 343 woorden meer

Day of Tattoo Preparations

To make sure you have the most enjoyable time possible and the best quality work, be sure to follow these preparation tips. Being prepared on the day of getting your tattoo is extremely important. 415 woorden meer


Eye eye ... 

Lee created this stunning eye tattoo for a lovely customer today. The customer brought the idea to Lee and wanted to be sure that the eye would be brown as his wife has beautiful brown eyes ❤️


People Are Tattooing Freckles on Their Face, and This Is What It Looks Like

As the old saying goes, if you’ve got a face, tattoo stuff on it. Alright, we made that up, but it seems to be the rampant sentiment as of late, with every new, emerging beauty trend being some form of tattoo (lookin’ at you, microblading). 318 woorden meer