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17 Brother-Sister Tattoos That Exemplify Sibling Bonds

There is nothing quite like having a sibling connection.  Whether you’re polar opposites or exactly alike, you’ve got each other’s back.  It’s that special bond that allows you to pick up right where you left off after weeks, months or even years. 622 woorden meer


Tattoo and Scars

I started self-harming at around the age of 13. Back then I was living in London and the kids at my age were starting to become more open about “depressive phases” and I remember seeing a lot of self-harming scars on my classmates. 663 woorden meer


Raccoon Tattoo part deux

On Saturday, I finished my raccoon tattoo. I went to Toronto (New Tribe tattoos), sat down, and let someone stab ink into my skin again. 305 woorden meer


This is my story

Something that I will never understand is why people judge others based on appearance. I have a few things about me that can make others jump to conclusions, and it frustrates me to no end. 1.147 woorden meer



Hi there,

I thought I would share my tattoos with you! I only have a could but I like them so I thought it would make a good post. 136 woorden meer


Quarter-life Crisis...

I will be 25 in a matter of weeks and I didn’t think I’d mind…

However, I have been getting these urges…

More tattoos

Dye my hair… 279 woorden meer