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17 tiny back-of-the-neck tattoos you can easily flaunt or hide

If you’ve considered getting a tattoo, but aren’t quite ready to make the leap with some huge visible ink—consider a minimalist back-of-the-neck tat. It’s the perfect spot to get a simple design that you can subtly show off or easily conceal when necessary. 90 woorden meer


Putosyap Meme set: Gakky Amura/Wino-fied




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Yui Aragaki

All of the Tattoos and Piercings Kylie Jenner Has

You can hardly go a week without hearing something about Kylie Jenner. She’s become a cultural icon of coolness and youth culture. From her makeup line to her endless love life, people love to talk about her. 707 woorden meer


Guest Spot: Dave Simpson and Lewis Parkin in Milan

On the 5th – 8th July, Dave Simpson and Lewis Parkin will be guesting at Man’s Ruin in Milan! This is a great opportunity to get yourself something great from a tattooer you might not normally be able to get to. 70 woorden meer


June 25th, 2017

How bout that sun huh?! Lol mannnn I have blisters from how burnt I am!!! Its horrible! I should know better really. I just recently celebrated my 2 years of being cancer free this past April. 423 woorden meer