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A tattooed man and woman spend a lovely summer’s day chasing imaginary Japanese creatures. FDR Memorial, Washington, DC, August 2016

Street & Candid

Style Icon Pt 1 | David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham.

Initially, it might have been his commendable football skills that first brought this fine young gentleman (wouldn’t call him young since he just turned 41, but who can tell) to our attention, who debuted back in 1996 for The Three Lions (well I could have just said English National Football Team but this sounded cooler :P ) David Beckham quickly established himself not just the sport’s best-dressed man, but also one of Britain’s most stylish sons – a title he’s continued to hold with little competition even now his professional sporting career has come to an end. 756 woorden meer

Sam Came Over - Henna Tattoos by Samantha Dawn

“I am a freelance henna artist who offers professional and personalized services for bridal/baby showers, weddings, maternity, festivals, birthdays, and much more. I consider my style to have a modern Indian and Arabian influence and my goal to leave customers wanting more. 12 woorden meer


Inked (part one)

Confession time … I LOVE tattoos! Ever since my husband (then fiancĂ©) and I went to a tattoo parlour on a whim when we were 21, I have been interested in body art. 428 woorden meer


Drabble #80

The bell above the door jingled indicating a potential customer. Wiping the ink from the guy’s arm I looked up. Him again. He smiled and took a seat in the middle chair of an empty row of five soft backs. 62 woorden meer


How to Have the Best Tattoo Experience - A Guide

Do Your Research, Ask Questions, Don’t Rush

  • Research artists online to get an idea of the style you like and the art styles that appeal to you the most.
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