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Record review: The Libertines - Anthems for Doomed Youth (2015, LP)

Back in 2004, you would’ve got long odds on Pete Doherty living to the following Christmas, never mind making a third album with the Libertines. Adrift on a sea of mistrust, petty crime and intravenous drugs, the singer-guitarist seemed doomed. 229 woorden meer


Let It Be

I dig a pony. It was the only Beatles album I played back then. I knew it was their breakup album, but it played light and playful to me. 329 woorden meer

post-punk gems, v. 80 -- The Dead Kennedys' "Viva Las Vegas"

Got my time machine set on 1980 again, and lo! — it’s now 35 years since The Dead Kennedys’ debut LP hit record bins in the UK.  178 woorden meer

Popular Music History

Classic Rock Almanac September 1, 2015


Today’s Question: Thirty-five years ago today (September 1st, 1980), Fleetwood Mac ended a nine-month tour at the Hollywood Bowl, with Lindsey Buckingham announcing that it would be the group’s last show for a long time. 351 woorden meer



Just a quickie tonight since I’m about to get evicted from my computer room by a gaggle of shrieking sleepover friends of my daughter.  I buy a lot of new LPs and love ’em and I’m still working my way back through all manner of artists’ back catalogues.  210 woorden meer


Toast! to Breakfast 3/365

My body shakes and shivers with the memory of breakfast back in the day.  Mountain Dew. Marlboro Light (cuz you know, it was healthier than Marlboro Reds) and a pop-tart if I was treating myself. 645 woorden meer

Tymon Dogg e il Made of Light (Thin Man Music) in uscita il 21 ottobre 2015

(@TymonDogg)  @theclash  @TheLJOESTRUMMER

My body is not a tomb
for another animal
[Leonardo Da Vinci]

Lead Tracks: Pound of Grain, Like I Used To Be… 1.263 woorden meer

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