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Radio XLVIII, side B, track 12: "Rock The Casbah" by The Clash

Oh, The Clash, this is like three “pure” songs in a row or something, right?  Man, some DJ must have been asleep at the wheel or something.   617 woorden meer


Clash Funk

Not a Clash track you hear too often, but one of my real favourites.  There’s a great groove running through this and it’s got guitar, bass and percussion that makes me stop and listen each time it gets an airing. 34 woorden meer

Pop Music


I’m not sure if the song came before or after the film.  Perhaps it was commissioned for the film?  No matter.  It’s a great record, somewhat spoilt by the rather iffy video, referencing the film itself.   89 woorden meer

7 Life- Scarring Bandmate Departures

Sad times, you guyz. To the devastation of teenage girls across the continents, Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Citing stress as the main culprit, Zayn has apologised to any fans he’s let down, but still feels that now’s the right time to make his exit :(( This isn’t the first time beloved band members have captured our hEaRtS and subsequently crushed them with their BARE HANDS. 632 woorden meer


Friday Double Feature With The Police & The Clash

This week’s Friday Double Feature will feature two bands that provide a nice sonic accompaniment even if they are thematic opposites.

When they first emerged in the late 70’s, most fans considered their music cutting edge. 90 woorden meer


When Old Dreams Really Come True (#SXSW)

It’s 1981.

I’m a theater major at Duke University in Durham, NC. I hate frats and sororities but still dig the basketball team. I live off campus. 1.302 woorden meer