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Brazil Tip # 2: Wag that finger!

Wing here.

In North America, taking the bus is as simple as waiting at the bus stop, paying your fare, and getting on.

However, in Rio de Janeiro, when you want to catch the bus, it’s customary to stretch out your arm and wag your finger. 161 woorden meer


No sleeping until 1 pm.

Parents, Do you want to know how to get your gaming teenagers to wake up early and not sleep their summer away ? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Pick about two days a week and put it in the schedule that if they want to play games on those days, they have to play from when they wake up and be done at 1 pm. 168 woorden meer

7 Tips for Better Hair

If there is one thing on my body that I take tons of care of, it is definitely my hair. I wasn’t always this way though, in fact I hated my hair so much growing up. 884 woorden meer


Be Bold Enough to Use Your Voice

If there is any one piece of advice I would give to anybody in this world, it would be to, “Be bold enough to use your voice” (unknown). 457 woorden meer


A couple of puppy care tips

In February 2017, we got a family puppy and called her Ruby. She is a black labrador, and was chosen by my younger brother Chris, from a farm. 774 woorden meer