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Kosmea - Hydrating Rosewater Mist

This arrived at the perfect time to test. We are currently having a mini heat wave and the first really hot weather for Spring and Summer. 574 woorden meer

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Sample Destash - Dehydrated Skin Edition

My face is weird.

The lower half is acne-ridden. Absolutely no tolerance for anything thick, heavy, or cream-based. What’s that? A snail-bee lotion? You want  646 woorden meer


Is there a universal cleaner like bleach, but for our bodies?

You bet there is, and it’s under everyone’s bathroom sink: Hydrogen Peroxide! It’s not only a great antiseptic on cuts and scrapes without the burn associated with alcohol, but it’s an awesome teeth whitener, pore zapper, and flora balancer of the lady parts! 218 woorden meer


My skin care routine

Depending on how tired I am when I get home, or how much of a rush I’m in of a morning, I’ll either use these face wipes: 190 woorden meer

V Natural Toner Temulawak Whitening Skin Botol Besar dengan kandungan Vit A C & E

Temulawak bukan hanya baik untuk kesehatan, namun seiring majunya zaman maka temulawak juga digunakan sebagai kandungan untuk kosmetik. Toner Temulawak hadir untuk melengkapi produk kosmetik selain cream temulawak yang sudah sukses di pasaran. 252 woorden meer

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3 Important Steps To Clean Skin

A good skin regime is more than just washing your face in the shower. It helps prevent breakouts, helps keep premature aging in check, and promotes healthy glowing skin. 587 woorden meer

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Time to Tomato-fy Your Skin! (ft. Tomato White Set)

If you haven’t realized it yet, there are various kitchen staples that can actually salvage you from skin dilemmas and disasters. Among these kitchen essentials is tomato. 693 woorden meer