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Go Simple! | REVIEW: Simple Facial Products

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About two weeks ago, I visited my local supermaket called Tesco and bought a basic range of facial products to try out! I wanted to keep a low budget and test out to see if the products are any good. 713 woorden meer


ACV Challenge Day 6

You know how when things are going good, going great, something comes in to turn it upside down? To me that’s called LIFE. I try not to sweat the small or really the big things in life at all. 252 woorden meer


Own a Printer? Make the Appropriate Choice for Your Broth Toner Cartridge

When it’s about exceptional laser printing outcomes, Brother Toner cartridges certainly come to the mind. Recognized for its reliability and imposing printout quality, this particular toner cartridge compels several Brother Printer users to prefer among other. 332 woorden meer

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What is a Toner?

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Toner is one of the great debates in skincare. Many people think its useless and many people think its very important. I am here to give you my opinion and explain what exactly is toner. 442 woorden meer


K-beauty Translation : [TN] Fresh Toner

It is  skin friendly natural cosmetic made of natural plants. Improve on pores and excessive sebum and turns into dewy and bright skin by leaving skin moisturized. 22 woorden meer


The Buzz on ‘Back-ne’ aka Back Acne

Pimples popping up on the back are unsightly and can be uncomfortable. Acne can form anywhere on the body; however, acne on your back is different from acne that appears on your face. 372 woorden meer


#4: [Skincare]. Chăm sóc da cơ bản (Phần 2)

(Mượn tạm ảnh của một chị trên web)

Chào các ban, ở Phần 1, tớ đã tổng kết lại cho các bạn về 6 bước cơ bản nhất của skincare :O và nói (theo tớ) khá chi tiết về bước đầu tiên rồi :v. 2.318 woorden meer