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Overland truck tours in Africa - not the ordinary tour experience

Those of us used to travelling in Africa are likely to have seen trucks full of (usually) western tourists. That’s a fairly popular way of getting around Africa. 1.224 woorden meer


New York

I Travel a lot to New York for business but very seldom have the opportunity to enjoy the “tourist” things that others do. Too often, my trips are quick up-in-the-morning and back-in-the-evening to DC – a one-day turnaround.  247 woorden meer

Laura Flippin

A night w/ Mr Pankhurst of drawing the painting "and the frame" at national portrait gallery ~

Tonight’s theme is to draw the painting “and the frame” – I also draw the shadow of the frame ~ it’s a good idea because we tend to forget the frame when we draw . 215 woorden meer


Wake up, Nefertiti!

Fantastic World.

Lots of strange news has been coming out of Egypt lately. First, some scientists, using infrared and modulated thermography (don’t ask me what that means) have been peering through the rocks of the pyramids of Giza, looking for hidden hallways and empty chambers. 616 woorden meer

Ancient Civilizations