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What muscle does that work? [Training From Scratch Special]

This Patreon-exclusive post applies the Analytic Fitness™ methodology to one of the most common and yet often useless questions in strength training in order to determine when it’s worth bothering. 2.836 woorden meer


Class of 2018: Get Ready to Hydrate!

Proper hydration is essential to maintaining a steady pace of eleven (11) Original Hot Yoga (Bikram Method) classes per week for nine (9) weeks! While we love simple and  “natural” sources of hydration (try adding lemon and a pinch of sea salt to your water bottle), there are several great supplements on the market that we highly endorse through our personal experience. 135 woorden meer


Karma, Determinism and Transformation

Dear Readers,

Before jumping into the topic of this piece, I’d like to thank the growing community around Bodhi&Bass. With more than 600 followers now, I’m really honored that you find interest in these ideas that are shared here. 1.536 woorden meer



With 25 days to go until the start of the 2018 Vermont Climate Run, I’ve found myself sidelined a little this week with a stubborn head-cold that’s curtailed what should have been one of my peak training weeks. 334 woorden meer


A Challenge Not a Chore: Christine Delays Her 3rd Degree Test

I recently decided to delay taking my 3rd degree black belt test.

Phrasing it like that makes it sound like a simple decision but it took a lot of emotionally-fraught consideration on my part, and a consultation with my instructors to come to that conclusion.* 863 woorden meer


The Great Barrow Run

We’re about 5k south of Carlow, and there is a diversion off the Barrow Way for essential maintenance. At first, being Irish, you assume the plastic barriers, warning tape and signs couldn’t possibly mean you. 6.481 woorden meer