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Searching Tardigrades for Lifesaving Secrets

By Steph Yin

“Researchers are drawing inspiration from the proteins that they think let hearty water bears cheat time by decelerating their biology.

There are many instances in medicine when it would be helpful to stop, or greatly slow down, time. 588 woorden meer

Mental Acuity

The reader will no doubt take notice that the preceding articles have not delved in the technical aspects of lifting weights or any particular form of workouts. 468 woorden meer

Fluctuating Mojo - Training and Dating

It happens to us all but this week has been generally quite rubbish training wise and I’ve had my thinking cap on to try and figure out why my head hasn’t quite been in it. 683 woorden meer


Stunning Running

Last weekend we went to a lodge on the edge if Kielder Water. It was our little anniversary get away. It was lush. We planned on a walk somewhere on the way on Friday, and runs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 750 woorden meer


Sprinters, caterpillars and butterflies

There’s been a lot of stuff on social media about Bolt’s supposed successor, a young primary school kid over in the US convincingly beating his competition in impressive fashion. 240 woorden meer

Guest Post: How to Use Rest as a Training Tool for your Horse

I am thrilled to have one of my very favourite equestrian bloggers, Lindsey Rains of Alta Mira Horsemanship, guest post for The Project this week! 1.244 woorden meer