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TL, 8.15.18

A1,3×15 Cable Flys, 80# A2, 3×15 Lat Pull Downs, 80# B1, 3×8 Bottom Up KB Press, 20# B2, 3×10 Seated Mid-Row FOR TIME, 18:32 10-8-6-4-2… 100 woorden meer

Weekly Swim Session Plan 15 August 2018

Download and print this session plan here: session plan 182

At this time of the season, even your volume set should be sharp to deliver best-pace come rest day. 92 woorden meer


The Power of Flexibility Training!

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to talk about “Flexibility Training”, I love Lifting, Pilates, and Stretching, each type of fitness offers a unique benefit to the body. 455 woorden meer


Skincare Masterclass? What do we get to be taught?

Skin care is a tradition rooted in ancient times. I invite you to learn how to create luscious and natural creams and soaps individually tailored to different skin types. 153 woorden meer


Hill Training Update

While training for BHF London to Brighton, I started to train using the biggest hill I could find in my area. A reminder is below of this particularly fun climb… 402 woorden meer


About the host - Mercy Ighoteme

Mercy Ighoteme, CEO Flawless Herbal.
She believes in the power of pure organic ingredients to create healthy and glowing skin. After suffering from not being able to get right skincare products to nurture her skin, She learned to heal her own skin naturally. 21 woorden meer

Playhouse Fall Acting Classes For Children Now on Sale

Classes geared for ages 3-14

CINCINNATI—Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s fall acting classes are now on sale for young persons ages 3-14. Participants who register by Aug. 424 woorden meer

Cincinnati Playhouse In The Park