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How to develop the next generation of female digital leaders

As it stands, the current reality for female digital leaders and tech entrepreneurs can be discouraging. Despite a healthy demand for digital talent, the lack of diversity… 32 woorden meer


SportyHEMA vs The Art - My take on a divisive issue.

There was no post last week as all the things seemed to be happening all at once, work, home and everything else as well. I’m really pleased that there has been a lot of discussion around the subject of my last post. 1.366 woorden meer


How to plan a trail running route (easy 6-step tutorial)

Do you want to get out and explore fresh, new trails in your local area or further afield but you’re not quite sure how? This film (powered by Bridgedale socks) will show you how to plan an exciting but safe trail running route using a map, in 6 simple steps. 700 woorden meer


Remote Video Coaching

My remote video coaching sessions are designed to be an easy and convenient way to improve your horse’s way of going or your own riding/horsemanship through video analysis. 833 woorden meer

Why I'm Choosing to Homeschool

A year ago, I was dreaming of sending my three year old daughter off to preschool. She was my oldest biological child. Her younger brother was born eighteen months after her, and her youngest brother was born twelve months after him. 1.850 woorden meer


Designed for Purity 6 - Dating and Relationships (Notes)

God’s Created Order

God has created and designed marriage and sex for his glory and as a picture of the gospel

God has created and designed marriage and sex for the good of the married couple… 401 woorden meer


We are Evangelists

Sadly, the term has gained a bad reputation over the years due to the corrupt, money-grubbing “prosperity gospel” charlatans who shamelessly prey on the weak and gullible. 999 woorden meer

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