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Don't get sucked in....stay in your lane

This is more a reminder for me than anyone else.

I’ve noticed recently that I have got caught up in the social media ruse!!!!

Every where I look right now its all bog booties exercises, 170 woorden meer


Well I did it. 2-days in a row.

Yesterday’s TM workout was pretty good. Primarily power walking but I had no expectation of breaking any records, of mine, my goal was to begin consistency. 588 woorden meer

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Introducing Caroline Moran

The Club is excited to introduce Caroline Moran from UK Elite as our Technical Director which is a new role at Cougar Soccer Club. 131 woorden meer

Majority of Christians don’t vote!

By: Rev. Ed Schneider, M.P.Th.

Just a few thoughts about VOTING.

With the Midterm 2018 election cycle just a few days away, and early voting already in process, I wanted to bring up something that I believe is important; Credibility and Integrity….regardless of political affiliation. 616 woorden meer

Rev. Ed Schneider

More Tuesday Randomness

Hello, once again, World!!! As I mentioned to you in my last two post I slept most of the day due to being in the hospital most of the night last night. 618 woorden meer

Everything you've ever heard about "Lead-Generation" is wrong!

Are you ready for a Surplus of Profits?

Are you ready for a Surplus of Clients?

Are you ready for a Surplus of winning marketing strategies, that can help you Fail-proof your Business? 31 woorden meer


Training Tuesdays: work that core

Today is all about our core, but I’m not talking about six-pack abs. I’m talking about deep core muscles. As nice as it would be to have a flat stomach rippling with muscles, what’s actually more important is that our deep core muscles are strong. 541 woorden meer