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PA's 38th Annual Reunion of the National Steam, Gas, & Horse Association, Inc

Saturday, August 11th, my family & I attended the 38th Annual Reunion of the National Steam, Gas, & Horse Association, Inc. More commonly known as the Steam Show. 654 woorden meer


London Guide: Chiswick

Let me tell you, Chiswick is a little paradise in West London. I’ve scoured the small town, hopping into the small secondhand bookshops and vintage clothing stores and I fell in love. 434 woorden meer


An Introduction And Why The City Nerd

So, welcome to this nerdy blog site that being run by me,The nerd city. Hahahaha, Its just a beginning and it’s already awkward as hell.. Just a heads up, English wasn’t my first language, so expect a mistake on a grammar and the spelling. 1.050 woorden meer

A Pedal Boat on Kunming Lake

There are some moments that, after they have passed, you look back on and they appear to be from a hazy postcard image-though admittedly the hazy image was partly caused by the bad air quality. 187 woorden meer



The breathtaking views, the adventures, the joy of discovery and the peace. Travel is an experience of a lifetime. But the journey from despondency to motivation, the one journey that never ends, a journey you embark on most Mondays is every traveler’s dream. 339 woorden meer

Venture Out!

Doors and gates are ways

To enter and to go out –

Don’t remain inside.


Five Hidden Places To Shop In London.

London is bursting with fashion and art however sometimes the best places to gain inspiration and a surge of creativity are not the well known places or designer stores. 259 woorden meer