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Animal Whisperer

We’ve had the distinct pleasure and challenge (we being me and Montana) to stay in the home of a dear friend and true animal whisperer. This New York City born and raised woman never had any pets or room for them. 958 woorden meer

Midlife Reinvention

Mosque prayer 

Last week we visited the King Abdullah Mosque and observed the afternoon prayer. In order to enter the mosque all of the women were asked to put on a long black cloak with a hood. 711 woorden meer


Do You Ever...?

Do you ever just…

think so much about things that you end up with more questions than you started with. think so much that your brain hurts. 14 woorden meer


A Poet's Corner

The morning veil of mist lifted as I hopped on a local bus heading out of Keswick through beautiful valleys, river and stony creeks towards Windermere. 244 woorden meer


Style Trends | Lace in Summer 

Simplicity works best when it’s summer and when you have a chic lace dress, styling becomes way easier. One of my favourite things to do during the warm season is to lighten up my looks and wearing white clothing just makes it perfect. 238 woorden meer


Santorini – Unique island architecture

There are some sights that make an everlasting imprint on your mind. And the tiny white cuboid houses perched precariously on the northern volcanic hills of Santorini, against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea merging into the shining blue sky forming a seamless horizon is just one of those sights. 853 woorden meer