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Birthday; the day I came into being. One whole day in the calendar reserved just for me. While in school, my birthday countdown used to begin six months prior and I used to go around telling my friend Akankshya “My birthday is coming!” which she is quite prompt to remind me about till date. 748 woorden meer


Day 927 (Turkey Day 6)

I met Yusuf outside the hostel around 10am and together we walked through the city to a place where Yusuf bargained a price to catch a minibus to his home, the issue being the fact that I had my loaded bicycle with me. 469 woorden meer


Schooner Sunset

Run away! Run away! Run to the light. Run to the warmth. If the polar vortex won’t begone, then just go. To paraphrase Horace Greely, go south young man. 166 woorden meer


The ABC of Argentina: 26 Reasons To Pack Your Bags

When moving to Argentina for a yearlong exchange, I expected a bustling city like Buenos Aires or Córdoba. Instead, I landed in a humid little town up North, separated from the nearest city by fifty miles of palm trees. 2.283 woorden meer


A Spontaneous Pursuit of Cinnamon Buns

Jan 18-19, 2019.

It all began one completely ordinary afternoon, an afternoon where I gazed out a window, reflecting on the words (or rather lack thereof) I had written for an essay. 3.479 woorden meer

WFW - Day 13. I’ll Take Manhattan. Apparently..

Plans for today revolved mainly around weather and how day dawned so was a bit alarmed when very dark and grim at 06:30. Then I remembered the blackout curtains😏 Scrape, slide….ah thats better. 466 woorden meer