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Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

Igrači: 2-4
Vreme: 90min
Godine: 13+
Vreme postavljanja: 5min
Dizajneri: Simone Luciani, Daniele Tascini

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Tzolk’in se sastoji iz osnovne table za igru koja se sklapa kao slagalica jer pojedini delovi sadrže plastične zupčanike. 963 woorden meer


I redeem myself


Aaron 93, Nadine 56, Haim 33

Haim’s played once before. Aaron started with an extra worker which is strong. And he got all 6 workers, as did Haim a bit later. 82 woorden meer

Session Reports

Tzolkin Begins

the 260-Day sacred calendar of the Maya rolls around once more.

Tzolk’in is the name we’ve come to use for this particular calendar, although its original name is lost to us (or at least to any of my sources. 568 woorden meer


Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

In case I have never mentioned it (here, here, here, here or here), my family loves to play board games. I’m not just talking about David, either; my brother, sister, mom and cousins are all equally addicted. 312 woorden meer


Reality and Knowledge Considered As Process-David Bohm

Thoughts from “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”-Chapter 3

Not only is everything changing but all is flux“-David Bohm

I feel, from reading in this pool of information and authors that it is a deep well of perception where our differences could create stress amongst each other or lack of respect. 541 woorden meer


Are you Time Traveling Yet?

My previous post was all about the 13:20 ratio and The Dreamspell. It will help to read that before you read this post but the subject matter here is not that complicated. 778 woorden meer


Sincronário da paz, surpreenda-se com o Tzolkin (Calendário Maia)

O sincronário de 13 luas de 28 dias é um mecanismo que cria uma ampliação da consciência, é a chave para a salvação do planeta.  É um caminho de autoconhecimento que nos permite passar da terceira dimensão – limitada – para a quarta dimensão – ilimitada, onde está presente o tempo sincrônico, a sincronicidade. 1.776 woorden meer