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Sincronário da paz, surpreenda-se com o Tzolkin (Calendário Maia)

O sincronário de 13 luas de 28 dias é um mecanismo que cria uma ampliação da consciência, é a chave para a salvação do planeta.  É um caminho de autoconhecimento que nos permite passar da terceira dimensão – limitada – para a quarta dimensão – ilimitada, onde está presente o tempo sincrônico, a sincronicidade. 1.776 woorden meer


7-Ajmaj: Sacred forgiveness (31 December 2017)

Born 7-Ajmaj: Hilary Swank, Ted Nugent

Regarding the 7th and middle day of the trecena, Ken Johnson (10-Imox) has often written that it has to do with endings. 282 woorden meer


7-Akbal: Unknown on purpose (18 December 2017)

Born 7-Akbal: Joe Jackson (musician), Tom Lehrer, Dan Rather, Paul O’Neill

The midpoint of the Earth (Caban) trecena is 7-Akbal (Night), and it can be visualized as the Day/Night longitude line (the terminator), constantly dividing the Earth as it spins around its pole axis. 279 woorden meer


Chanukah Games

Second night of Chanukah, most people were busy.

Love Letter

Nadine 2, Chaim 1. We stopped when Lorenzo came. It was luck and guessing, not deduction. 129 woorden meer

Session Reports

Primer día del Tzolk'in, 20 de noviembre 2017

Un nuevo ciclo panmesoamericano. El ciclo que acaba de completarse abarcó casi el mismo tiempo que Venus en el cielo del amanecer, desde principios de marzo de 2017 hasta mediados de noviembre de 2017. 21 woorden meer


10-Kej: Truth's journey (12 November 2017)

Born 10-Kej: Lewis Carroll, Amelia Earhart, Timothy Geithner, Aaron Russo, James Cook

Lewis Carroll, who was born on this Tzolkin day, is the author who wrote “Through the Looking Glass”. 223 woorden meer


Your Galactic Signature

Earlier I hinted at the 13 Moon Calendar, writing that a new year was starting and that I didn’t really know what that was all about. 775 woorden meer