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I Want To Believe: The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon

Directed By: James Fox

I like aliens. And frankly if they wanted to overtake my government at this point I’d be more than happy to swear my allegiance but that’s a whole other story. 309 woorden meer


UFOs and Aliens-Encounters With Star People: An Examination of the Phenomenon

The topic of UFOs and alien visitation has fascinated me since I was a wee child. It is an interesting topic in that there are scores of reports of flying objects that make incredible maneuvers and reach speeds unobtainable by current technological development. 3.529 woorden meer

An Age is More than Just a Moment in Time

Yuga Cycles

This is the Kaliyuga, well into it do we find ourselves, and no amount of politricking can undo what is a supra-natural… 319 woorden meer

“Which ticket will you buy?” - John E. Mack, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens and John Foster UFOs

UFO, ET wake-up call. Humanity is under their influence – and has been for decades/centuries. The true purpose and origin is unknown but, rather than harming us, it would seem they are invested in preventing us from eradicating ourselves – or – … 837 woorden meer