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Uyghur drum-and-shawm

To follow my posts on shawms in south Asia and Lorestan, travelling northeast (if one could, via Afghanistan), one reaches Xinjiang, where shawm bands are also common. 276 woorden meer


Understanding China, Part 2

China, as discussed in Understanding China, Part 1, is a large nation with a complex political structure. This political structure is part of the reason why the psychology of the Chinese people is fundamentally distinct from that of the West, and this profound difference is found in the over 1.3 billion souls residing in China. 789 woorden meer

Shrine festivals of the Uyghurs

I note two conspicuous, inevitable absences from the recent Shanghai festival of films on music ethnography.

One is the work of Liu Xiangchen, a Han-Chinese director who has long documented the cultures of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. 835 woorden meer


UN Women Staying Silent As China Forcibly Sterilizes Uyghur Women In Detention Centers

Image: Amnesty International Japan

As we write this post, in various regions of the world women’s NGOs are assembling to prepare for next year’s UN Commission On The Status Of Women which marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995). 416 woorden meer

News Item

What was (and still is) going on in Xinjiang, China? — from a backpacker’s perspective

This is the post #4 of my travel series “Beating the Unbeaten Tracks”. In this post, I’d like to share what I saw as a backpacker in Xinjiang, and provided a bit more historic context behind the current tension.

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UIGHURS - Our Muslim Brothers & Sisters

MUST MUST MUST listen to this talk by Dr Zakir Naik.



The MOST persecuted muslims in the world are, the UIGHUR muslims.


The 22 nations that signed the first letter, criticizing and calling on China to end its massive detention program in China’s Xinjiang are all NON-MUSLIM countries. 234 woorden meer

What Happens to Uyghur and My Personal Experience Being a Muslim in China

As we know it, the world doesn’t do much to what’s happening to Uyghur. Million of Muslim Uyghurs are reported to be held in detention camps, in which Chinese government said that it is an attempt to eradicate terrorism and extremism. 971 woorden meer