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Penman No. 315: A Qwerty Quartet

Penman for Monday, August 13, 2018

I’M NOT really a typewriter collector (not like my friend George Mamonluk, whose noodles I patronize to help build up his stable of vintage typewriters and fountain pens), but I realized this past week that I can’t resist a classic when I see one, even when I can barely squeeze it into the budget or, just as critically, into my man-cave. 838 woorden meer

Art & Culture

Red blooms

The tulips are too excitable, it is winter here
bulbs lit by the molten core
not the cold coming predicated by a February
and so they push up inquisitively after the daffs… 86 woorden meer

Imaginary Garden With Toads

Slouching Towards Halloween - Day 84

Done with the simple stuff in the rewrites. Now for the hard part…

VOIDVILLE: Finished the HTML tags and simple rewrites. Was able to 95% reconstruct the rewriting notes, so I’ll post those tomorrow when I’m done with everything (assuming I can get all the big continuity headaches wrangled in a single day!) After that, it’ll be time to move on to finishing FACE AFTER FACE… 106 woorden meer


Delighted by Duffy

I cannot exactly remember when I was first introduced to Ms Duffy and her poetry.  It would have been prior to 2009 because I recall being delighted to hear she had been made poet laureate in that year. 352 woorden meer


The Scent Of A Woman

Estranged to her, that musk, of hers
To me, a mystique, yet, of shades
The substance, which lastingly stirs
Conquests of love, lust’s escapades!

A zephyr, thru the, rain-drenched pines… 79 woorden meer



This is my first write up from Hack the Box so I’m going to start off with an easy one. Valentine has just been retired and so I thought I would try my hand at a quick write up. 613 woorden meer