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Miso noodle soup recipe

I’m in love with udon noodles. They’re my fave carb … after bread, of course; bread always comes first!

I’ve used chopsticks 3 times in my life before, I’ve never learned how to hold them properly so I’m terrible at using them. 141 woorden meer


Quinoa Salad with Matcha Chili Dressing

Hey Friends,

This week I have one of my matcha recipes for you guys! This one is a super delicious vegan salad for lunch. The matcha chili dressings is really something I’ve never had before. 303 woorden meer


Almond Date & Raisin Breakfast Bars

A little birdie requested that we do a take on a healthy, wholesome granola bar — so we did. Not too sweet, full of wholesome ingredients, and yet still tastes like a treat. 634 woorden meer


Amaretti Cookies - VEGAN

Amaretti cookies are usually made from egg whites, which is a huge part of the recipe. However, I swapped egg whites and used whipped aquafaba instead. 370 woorden meer


Vegan Cuts January 2019 Unboxing

So fun fact: I meant to post December 2018’s VeganCuts unboxing but then I accidentally deleted the photos because I thought I had already finished up with this sooo I hope you enjoy the first box of 2019 for Vegan Cuts. 455 woorden meer