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Broccoli Stalk and Garlic Fried Rice

I do remember that at some point in recent past, I promised you an onslaught of easy weeknight meals. I still intend to stand by that promise, but January has been an absolute shocker thus far, and so I’m afraid a recently acquired side dish is going to have to do for the time being. 537 woorden meer


Redefining Veganism!

If you think that if it doesn’t contain any animal products it must be vegan, think twice!

Everything is connected!

Why is it so hard for people to understand that in this existence everything is connected? 599 woorden meer



I heard about Sanctuary via Instagram and when I saw the pictures I knew I wanted to go here. The food looked so good. When I did a little research I actually couldn’t wait to go here. 417 woorden meer


Sweet and Sour Soy Slices, Sequins, and Slothiness

Soundtrack: Badfinger: Say No More

Beverage: Local lemon love kombucha

Location: The capital of Texas

I was supposed to start my ballet class today. I didn’t go. 1.576 woorden meer


The Vegan Box - January Review

I’ve never tried the vegan box but have always been curious. It’s like a gift from yourself to yourself. Um, like who doesn’t like gifts???? … 331 woorden meer