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Otoburi Web-Novel Bundle

First off a big thanks to Estellion for bring this fun novel into the light with his English translations.  This is a little random side project mine where I assembled everything into a compact package for reading on the go.  88 woorden meer


(Vita) DanganRonpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls review

Nippon Ichi Software America bring Spike Chunsoft’s experimental spin-off to the west, providing a very different experience on Vita but unfortunately one with a number of issues which hold it back. 1.742 woorden meer


Introducing the Main Cast

As visual novels are carried by their captivating characters and the resulting situations from various personalities meeting, the importance of creating a unique cast of characters is critical for the future success of Fifth Love. 1.154 woorden meer


(Vita) Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth~ review

Aksys Games bring Idea Factory and Otomate’s period otome visual novel to the west, providing an enjoyable entry point into the genre.

World-building & Story… 1.303 woorden meer

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2000 Kawasaki VN 750 A Vulcan Main Wiring Harness

2000 Kawasaki VN 750 A Vulcan Main Wiring Harness

The Main Wiring Harness typically runs the length of the bike, connecting all the electrical components of the bike, either directly or through sub-harnesses (e.g Gauge Harness, Engine Harness, etc.) The Condition of this part is Used. 35 woorden meer

New VN sprite

New sprite for muh VN. Nailed the milf look. As intended too..