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Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Review

Otome is a genre of Visual Novel that I’ve never managed to get into. Unlike Shoujo Manga, of which I am a big fan of… 827 woorden meer

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Majikoi S

Majikoi S is sort of a sequel to Majikoi, in that you should absolutely go through Majikoi first, but also sort of a prequel, sidequel, and alternate. 1.514 woorden meer


(Vita) Steins;Gate 0 review

5pb’s follow up to one of the finest visual novels of all time is a thrilling adventure and character study, held back by some disjointed storytelling and plot development. 1.754 woorden meer


Nhiệm vụ xóa hệ thống của não bộ con người

Não bộ của bạn sở hữu nút Delete, đây là cách để tiêu dùng nó hiệu quả Não của bạn sở hữu một cơ chế rất thú vị chuyên “ 2.039 woorden meer

Thoughts on Remember 11

First, the excuses. Yes I’ve forgotten this blog for a long time, why? About a few days after my first post Dies Irae came out and I knew I had to get in on that kamige experience (it was great), and then I got distracted and bored and other things and somehow it’s already August and I just finished R11 and am in the middle of going through Amagami instead. 2.510 woorden meer

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