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Amnesia : Memories – Kent (Part 2)

After 7 months.. Thank you god, i finally came back to this blog. Can we date our boyfriend already ? 1.134 woorden meer

Visual Novel

[GSS] Day 01 – Part 04.01

Ew, it’s been a lot since the past GSS’ post. I’ve been so busy due to my coming back here in Japan and other reasons that I decided to give GSS on a “vacation”. 363 woorden meer


Vistibular Neuritis: Day two

The morning has arrived. I was still feeling shaken, unstable, with the tightness in my chest. But in overall I was a bit better than the evening before, I guess my body adopted a little to the initial shock. 438 woorden meer


Vestibular Neuritis: How it all started

Navigating the waters of a vestibular disorder is a terrifying ordeal

It was a middle of July 2016 and the day hadn’t been promising to be a particularly good one.

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(Vita) The Walking Dead: Season One review

Telltale’s epic adventure lands on Vita with some teething problems which thankfully aren’t sufficient to detract from a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

World-building & Story

The Walking Dead… 1.828 woorden meer


Sobre Marblo Productions.

Esto es más que todo, una sola persona so.

Marblo Productions es el nombre que escogí para darle una marca de agua, titulo, lo que sea que se diga (? 247 woorden meer