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Guest Review by Mai88: Kotonoha Amrilato Visual Novel

Do you speak the language “Juliamo”?

In this guest review, I’ll be talking about the yuri visual novel Kotonoha Amrilato. It’s a game that caught my interest the moment it was announced and has the special title of “The First Japanese Game I’m Playing Completely Through”. 2.510 woorden meer


Mai88 heeft dit herblogd op The Zärtlichkeit du Yuri.

(Vita) Papers, Please review

Glory to Arstotzka! The long-awaited Vita port of the document-checking simulator is as brilliant now as it first was four years ago.

World-building & Story… 1.546 woorden meer


Evening Surprise

Here’s a charming indie game with cute art that I ended up playing when I woke up one morning and wanted something nice and short. It also finishes off in a sweet way, and ended up making me smile. 670 woorden meer


VN giờ đây ?

VN …giờ đây.
Xưa : vì nước xả thân

Giờ : bả hoa gục ngã

Nhung nhúc phường cặn bã

Nhân tố Việt tài hoa ? 300 woorden meer

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