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Reporter Vredeseilanden: Honduras

Voor deze Reporter van Vredeseilanden verdiepte Frauke Decoodt zich in Honduras. Het hoe en waarom van de staatsgreep in 2009. De situatie van de kleine boeren en vrouwen. 36 woorden meer



“TOGETHERNESS” stands for connectedness.

Food is about sharing.
To feel connected with all the people involved in having your plate filled with gorgeous food.
The person who harvested the seeds, the farmer who sow it, the one theta kept the land clean and took care of the plants, harvested them. 177 woorden meer


vernissage wijheizij: Berlinde De Bruyckere

Saturday Berlinde De Bruyckere unveiled her sculpture in Ourobouros, Zwalm, B.

Birds from the neighbourhood will eat their hearts and eyes out this winter as it is edible :)

giving change a little help

Yesterday was the last day of the oneness project, a part of the wijheizijweihij project from the vredeseilanden, curated by Edith Doove.

We ended the collaboration in beauty with a nice ‘opendeurdag’ at the farm bioboer Busschots. 245 woorden meer

finissage oneness

We finish the oneness exhibit in beauty with a bio bal populaire, something like an organic popular party.

I’ll be cooking with flowers and colors, you can taste that from 1 pm onwards, Koen will give some tours in the farm. 45 woorden meer