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Universe-ity of Colour

I have been lucky to have friends that understand while riding our bikes I may suddenly sidetrack, stop and madly take photos. This happened on a morning commute to work when this hippily colourful bus showed up at University of Queensland. 55 woorden meer


Pizza and Kombi - Dream Combo

Occasionally there is a wondrous combination of interests – and in this case it is my favourite van and proper Italian pizza. In Brisbane, there is a member of the ever growing collection of cool food vans – the Kombi Pizza guys from… 54 woorden meer


West End Wanderer

The mid to late Type 2 T2 wagons are probably the most prevalent in the Brisbane region. This one was seen in West End replete with white ringed tyres and a gorgeous fresh paint job 8 woorden meer


The Actual Camper

It has been a long time since I have actually seen a campervan being used as a camper. It was very quiet and was in immaculate condition while resting at the Clarkes Beach camping grounds in Byron Bay in April 2015 11 woorden meer


Campervan crisis - wish me luck

Lofty, my 1972 ‘crossover’ VW camper (he’s my avatar) finally decided he’d had enough of a ‘dicky’ clutch and threw in the towel altogether  (mixed metaphors is how I feel; I’m supposed to be on holiday). 249 woorden meer

VW Campers


can you help me find my perfect partner? not that i’m saying gabriel isn’t, but if i can have matthew (i plan to name this 1979 VW T2 that), who by the way is hotter & sexier (maturity appeal perhaps), would be sweet for some adventures! 47 woorden meer

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