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First frost

Ladt night the temperature went down under the freezing point. The frost sensitive plants may not have died and the fruits were not damaged, but it looks like there will be more frost in the days and nights to come, so it’s definitly time to harvest the rest of the pumpkins, cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes and squash. 19 woorden meer


Beautiful Images of Winter

I’m not that big a fan of snow, but I do love winter time.  The holidays come around and people seem to be friendlier and more connected.    23 woorden meer



It’s a dark kind of day today, somber gray clouds add to the weighty feeling of the season’s change. A sense of seriousness hovers over today hinting that the impending Winter is going to be a hard one. 983 woorden meer

Changing Seasons

Estuary sunrise

Another one from the archive, this was shot at 08:23 hrs on 08 December 2017 using my smart-phone. I really like the colours and simple composition of the open space and it was interesting to revisit the editing process so I thought I might share that and walk you through what I did with this one. 402 woorden meer


12 Lattes Worth Making this Morning

As if we needed another reason to love fall, the cool crisp weather is perfect for indulging in all kinds of delicious lattes. Whether you’re holding out for the peppermint mocha latte or you’re all about that basic PSL life, there’s no need to spend your bills on the ‘bucks anymore…craft your own lattes right from the comfort of your own kitchen with these 12 latte recipes worth making this morning! 61 woorden meer


Winter Is Coming: Cold Weather Chicken Coop Prep

The days are getting shorter, football season has arrived and before long winter will be upon us. Is your chicken coop ready? Here’s a list of things I do to prepare my… 459 woorden meer


A Therapeutic Walk in the Snow

I can’t lie. When the snow fell and then accumulated yesterday, I was bummed. After all, the calendar said that yesterday was the last day of  455 woorden meer