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“What happens beyond today…?”

Whew…now that I got the erotica out of my system, let’s focus on the work at hand. It’s my idea that to truly become a legitimate writer (not an internet social media flash in the pan) one must expand to the capacity to express in words beyond the comfort of what comes easy.

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The Butterfly is Supposed to Struggle

Maya Angelou said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” No one likes to struggle because the pain, of any kind, does not feel good. 143 woorden meer

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Back to Basics

As I was about to go asleep last night, my brain did that thing where it decides it would rather wake up and think of one hundred and one things before it too went to sleep. 388 woorden meer

Stream Of Consciousness

The Mischief Dragon 15 Upright

Sometimes what we are comfortable at can be a good thing, but sometimes we need to change the way we see things. We need to feel what is right is right for us. 137 woorden meer

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Twenty Eighteen theme

No holds barred

Two WordPress settings in particular
Are both to my views perpendicular
Most headings ALL CAPS
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Reboot your Gut with FreedomFoods US

It’s time to reboot your gut! Barley+ Cereal grains are the best way to start off your morning simultaneously rebooting your gut. Barley+ is the best cereal grain made with a unique Barley grain called Barley max. 193 woorden meer