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Running wild

When I first started Rolfing, my homework was about skipping and leaping, encouraging me to find a bit of joy in simple movements. I did my best, feeling a little foolish, needing to force the movements rather than finding them arising naturally. 199 woorden meer


Yoga topic: Thinking too much about where you are not and less about where you are and what you can do to make your practice matter.

Hello all!

I have not written in a while… I had a big project to hand in for my Master’s and I am working of course, on my job and my business, and the rest of the time, I try to focus on my other passions and hobbies. 933 woorden meer


Sivananda: The Universal Practice

Sivananda yoga is a practice close to my heart because it was my first self-practice and took me on a big journey of self-growth. Most of my classes now take principles from Sivananda and I’m still very inspired and connected to the practice. 612 woorden meer


Hello again

A big hello and welcome to my blog and Facebook page followers and to those of you who may have come across my page by chance. 757 woorden meer

Chronic Pain

Absolute Truth (mine) and Some Amazing Yoga Inspiration

Do you know about Stocksy? If not, get yourself over there NOW!!

It is the Best creative photo service out there. I like it much better than Istock! 607 woorden meer