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A CRISPR-based hack could eradicate malaria-carrying mosquitoes

A research team from Imperial College London have published promising results of an experiment in which Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes — responsible for the spread of malaria — were genetically modified with a stable, gene-drive-based CRISPR modification that caused them to go extinct in the lab. 240 woorden meer


The Sirius Report: With London Paul

ROGUE NEWS is a group of political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liberties. 130 woorden meer



Call for New Approaches to Fill Significant Gaps in Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Focus on humans is needed to understand human disease, experts say

By Humane Society International… 507 woorden meer


New video - Live Inclusive Design - Interview with George Aye on @YouTube

Via Adobe Creative Cloud

Join George Aye on Adobe Live for a one-hour interview that explores his experience working across multiple social issues and current projects. 102 woorden meer


¡Que no se te escape ni un solo detalle! Para que sorprendas a la profesora con tu presentación.

Naomi G. Manfredi Baez

INF 105 002

Clase del 24 de septiembre de 2018

En la primera parte de la clase, la profesora nos explicó como añadir un video en “Google Slides”. 508 woorden meer